How to Design a Beach Themed Bedroom

If only life were like one long day on the beach, wouldn’t we all be a happy race. Well! If you cannot live a life on the beach all the while, you can at least retire to a bedroom at the end of the day, which looks like one.

Before you actually get down to designing a beach themed bedroom, you need to understand what really is your interpretation of the beach? Is it the Hawaiian look with palm fronds and flower wreaths? Or are you a tropical person for whom a riot of colors depicting the clime will go down well? Does the sea shore to you mean just water, sand and seashells or do you have a marine lifestyle in mind? Once you have answered most of the questions, you will be able to zero in on the beach look that will best suit your personality. This will save you from buying a whole lot of junk that you don’t really need.

Starting with the outer shell of your bedroom, the walls – you will need to settle on a color palette. Since your theme is the beach, the color blue will have to find an important place. But this does not necessarily mean that you paint your walls entirely blue. Choose from a color range of yellow, reds, oranges, blues, greens – all colors that give you a sense of being on a bright and colorful beach. If you want to replicate the honeymoon suite at the beach resort you had been to, then a neutral tone in pinks and beiges would be nice. This range of colors also works wonders at soothing the stressed mind. Work on the textures of paint and incorporate swirls or other dimensional styles of painting.

Keep the windows as clutter-free as possible. Use sheer curtains or blinds that go with the color of your walls. In the daytime tie them up with cords or with accessories that are sea side based. At night, let your curtains billow in the wind to give you a sense of open space.

Next comes the furniture in your bedroom. Beach themes are all about keeping things light and minimalistic. Get in furniture that is primarily of wood finish such as wicker chairs or a driftwood based lamp. Bring in a bamboo footstool or shelf. Get a wooden base for your bed and throw over some sheer cloth on the edges to give it that windblown feeling on breezy nights. If you have place for a wicker love seat, place this near your windows or at the foot of your bed. It will give you a wonderful sense of being together, just like when on a beach.

In terms of accessories that are several things you could look at, the basic being sea shells, paintings, water based accessories like some bedside fountains, a little aquarium and more. If you have the place to spare, prop up a surf board, allot a place near your windows for a small rock garden and put in some tropical plants like bonsai palm or the like.

If you are on a tight budget, there are ways in which you can transform the look of your bedroom to a beach themed one. Accessorizing is the key when you are working with a slim wallet. Start with the walls. Imagine yourself on the beach and think of the color palette you see. You will see blues of the sky, yellows of the sunshine, beige of the sea sand, whites of sea shells and so many more to choose from. Zero in on a set of shades that would best suit your space. The next step is to accessorize your room. Change your lamp shades to those shaped like sea shells. There are several light stores where you will find clear glass lamps that may be filled with small shells. Some novelty stores may even have lamps shaped as beach umbrellas or even a lighthouse.

Go a step further and try and bring in as many sea side elements as you can. Use bed sheets with a beach print. Bring in a painting depicting the setting sun or a fun day at the beach and place it at such a point that it is visible throughout the room. In terms of furniture, instead of your easy chair, bring in a foldable beach chair. Use picnic mats are rugs, but only in places where you really need it.

And last but not the least, there is no rule that says you have to shop for everything at one go. Instead, scout around clearance sales and the like and you are bound to find some really good stuff.


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