How to Easily Manage Your Payroll Online

If you’re thinking of acquiring payroll software, you must choose a program that not only handles employee payroll preparation, but allows easy integration with your accounting application. Better still, it should also allow you to file payroll taxes online. Here are two online programs that allow you to manage payroll anywhere, anytime.

PayCycle Payroll Plus 2008

If yours is a small business, you may want to give PayCycle a try. It can handle payroll for up to 150 employees. One reason you may want to choose this program is because of its easy integration with accounting and personal finance programs like Quicken, Peachtree, QuickBooks and Microsoft Money, among others.

What can PayCycle do for you? With the program, you can work flexibly with salary intervals. You tabulate salary weekly, biweekly, monthly or fortnightly.

What if an employee performs two different jobs with different hourly rates? PayCycle can help you tabulate this arrangement too, apart from handling other forms of payments like commissions or tips.

The program also lets you easily handle pay dispensation. You will have no problem printing your employees’ paychecks and pay stubs. Alternatively, because it’s an online program, you can electronically transfer your employees’ salaries to their bank accounts.

Preparation of taxation documents is also a breeze. You can easily refer to current tax tables to calculate deductions. You’re furnished with tax forms for all the major states. You can also file the forms electronically in states where such a system is supported.

The Plus version comes with a monthly fee of $42.99. If that’s an issue, you can opt for the basic version at $24.99. It has all the Plus features except the state payroll feature and support for payment to contractors. There’s a 30-day free trial and a further two months’ subscription offered at $9.99 per month for you to test the waters. An extra $1.50 applies for every employee added beyond the first five employees. The fees, however, shouldn’t bother you if you’re looking to save time and trouble when it comes to integrating your payroll details with your accounting applications.

Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit is a cheaper option with a monthly subscription of $30. You don’t need QuickBooks to avail yourself of the program. There’s no additional program to install, the developer assures you.

Intuit lets you handle three payroll-related tasks easily. Enter details of employees’ work hours and Intuit calculates earnings, taxes and deductions with a few mouse clicks. Paycheck printing and electronic fund transfer are also supported.

The program also calculates state and federal payroll taxes and even tells you how much you owe and when payment is due. You can even pay your federal and state taxes electronically through E-Pay. No additional charges are imposed. Subscribers also receive email reminders relating to tax payment and form submission.

At the time of writing, there’s a six-month free trial, but you would have to sign up with your credit card details. You will automatically be billed on the seventh month if you don’t cancel the trial subscription.


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