How To Enhance Psychic Ability

There are latent psychic abilities in every person, and it is only attunement to this that can enhance and boost these abilities. You need some disciplined practice if you want to develop this psychic talent. The psychic ability is generally a part of the subconscious memory. This memory has the ability to store a lot of information, even greater than most computers.

The key to psychic awareness is having a way to get in touch with ones higher self. This can be done through meditation. There are lots of books on meditation which can guide you to the correct way of meditating. There may even be a class or organization in the town you live in that conducts classes on the practice of meditation. Meditation promotes calm, helps self healing and ensures that the mind is cleared of all negative thoughts and emotions.

Meditation comes from learning the art of relaxation which will in turn open the tap of your psychic energy. Relaxation does not need any concentration or effort, and is just a way to let go of all tensions, and establishing complete internal peace. This will also help your spiritual energy to increase and flow naturally. While meditating, be constantly aware of all you feel and imagine. Quite often the answers to the problems you have in life may become apparent. By constantly being in a state of meditation, your spiritual development and psychic ability will be enhanced

Once you start being aware of your psychic abilities, you should banish all fear of the possibility of misinterpreting your intuition and mental images that you form because of these psychic abilities. No psychic, however experienced, is correct all the time, and you as a beginner will definitely have your share of failures. Quite often social pressures inhibit a psychic from making full use of his abilities. Psychics are considered unnatural. Do not hesitate to develop your own psychic abilities for yourself as this will provide a strong connection between your conscious and subconscious mind, and will deepen your faith and spirituality.

Every morning imagine that you are encompassed in a bright white light. Imagine that this white light is forming a protective shield around you. Constant practice will help you to use this white light for protection, healing, and making you aware of your psychic abilities.

There are seven chakras or centers of energy in every human body and each of them has their own distinct color. You need to imagine the color of each of these regularly till you are able to do this with no effort. The color of the crown chakra situated on the crown of the head is violet. It is indigo for the third eye, with the chakra being situated at the meeting place between the spinal chord and the brain.

The color for the third chakra is blue and this is on the spinal chord at the back of the throat. The fourth chakra is situated on the spinal cord just behind the heart region and has green for its color. The spinal region behind the solar plexus has the yellow color, and orange is the color for the sacral region chakra. The chakra which is at the base of the spinal cord at its end is red in color. You need to be constantly aware of these colors till you are able to balance them. The word VIBGYOR can help you remember this sequence.

To preserve and guard ones psychic abilities, one needs to build a shield around oneself, to see that no negative energy affects you. You need to surround yourself with white light that protects it from all negative energy but still allows the positive energy and thoughts to flow through.

Do these exercises constantly and it is almost certain your psychic abilities will develop and you will be able to use them for the betterment of life.


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