How to Express Your Ideas Clearly


Authored by Kimberly Back in Self Improvement 
Published on 07-05-2009

Knowing how to express your ideas clearly can vastly improve how you view yourself, and how others view you. Clear self-expression not only is a self-confidence booster, but also sets you apart from the crowd. Having this skill will make you feel comfortable in social situations, and with public speaking. With a few simple tips and techniques you can improve the way that you articulate yourself, and reap the benefits.

Self-edit: This tip is useful on several levels. First, think about what you are going to say before you blurt out your thoughts in a fumbling, jumbling mess. Gathering your thoughts only takes seconds, and in turn, when you present your ideas they will be much more concise. Second, consider your environment and the conditions under which you are expressing your ideas. Don’t talk down and patronize a casual group of friends, and don’t use slang terms and informal language when talking to a professional group.

Know your subject matter: Being familiar with a particular topic is useful in all scenarios, but especially useful in situations like job interviews, presentations, etc. If you are a novice at whatever subject you are discussing you will be outed in a matter of moments. How are others supposed to know what you are talking about if you don’t know yourself? Read up on your subject matter. It is also a plus to be well-read and well-versed in a variety of topics. Doing a bit of research before conveying your ideas will save you a great deal of awkward glances and embarrassment, you know, unless you enjoy the sound of crickets.

Write it down: Making notes and outlines is a great way to organize your thoughts and be able to express them clearly. This tip allows you to become more focused and direct in your thought processes. Writing can be used casually to help you form an opinion, or it can be used formally for presentations and essays.

Writing can also be very useful when trying to express ideas about issues that are more personal and emotional in nature. Conveying your thoughts about a break-up, or about someone who has died can be especially difficult to do verbally. Being able to express your ideas on paper is a great alternative to speaking about tough situations.

Work your brain: Ideas are formed in the mind, so having a strong mind is essential to being able to clearly express your ideas. Learn a new word per day and use that word in as many conversations as you can. Also, doing crossword puzzles and other word games is a great way to make yourself familiar with more words and topics.

Being able to clearly express your ideas is a skill that will never go unused. It will make you feel better about yourself, and make others stand up and take notice of you. No matter what situation you are in, whether it be casual or professional, you should always be confident in the way that you express your thoughts and ideas. By following these tips and tricks you will be on your way to better self-expression.


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