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How to Fight a DUI Case

In Las Vegas the Driving under Influence or DUI law discourage drunk driving. An individual driving with alcohol content of .8 or above may be arrested and put under the charges of DUI. However, many things can be wrong and an innocent person can also be arrested in a case of DUI. Usually, after arrest police asks for some test. There is no point to deny for taking those tests. It will only make the situation worst. If it is a simple DUI case, law enforcement officers will let you go with a citation to appear in court at a later date. The driving license is seized if the test result shows alcohol content is more than legal limit.

Consequences of DUI case

Most people think that a DUI case will end if the person pleads guilty and pay the fine. However, it will leave a permanent glitch in your driving license. Moreover, you can be completely innocent and there is no point in pleading guilty just to avoid harassments. Take help of an experienced lawyer as soon as you are arrested on a DUI charge. There can be flaws in prosecution’s evidences and a lawyer will reveal it.

Evidences to evaluate

Las Vegas police rely on few evidences to determine the suspect is intoxicated or not. However, the police officers commit mistakes. A lawyer evaluates few issues to determine whether the police is right or not. These are

Way of sobriety test

Government has mentioned specifically to police how to conduct field sobriety test but sometimes police fail to execute it properly. Sometimes there are many non-alcoholic factors that may also contribute to the bad performance in a sobriety test. Competent Las Vegas DUI lawyers always find out these details to determine the flaws of law enforcement officers.

Cause for traffic stop

Las Vegas police cannot stop anywhere to check whether a person is driving intoxicated or not. There must be reasonable cause for stopping the vehicle. Either, the driver has to violate traffic rules or the police can stop a vehicle for inconsistent driving also. If stopped otherwise, the lawyer can challenge it.

Defects in Breathe Analyzer

The machine to analyze breathe can be defective. Moreover, there can be various reasons that can affect the reading of the machine. Diabetes, dental cavities and other health problems can provide incorrect readings.

There are several other factors that a lawyer can find out and help to dismiss the case.

About the Author-

Rob Baptist is a lawyer and has successfully completed many complex DUI cases. In his online blogs; Rob stresses that one needs to be very serious with DUI charges. Police can do mistakes and Las Vegas DUI lawyers can find out the flaws and help to dismiss the case.


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