How to Find a Lost Cellphone


Authored by Crystal Crowder in Gadgets 
Published on 10-06-2009

No one means to lose a cell phone, but if you find yourself reaching for your phone and come up empty handed, there are ways to locate the lost cell phone. There are also a few quick and simple ways to ensure no one uses your cell phone in the event you can’t find your phone. Note that you will need the number of your cell phone service provider in order to use some tips.

First and foremost, don’t panic. This happens far too often and causes people to overlook their cell phone. Calm down so you can think clearly. Also, don’t blame the people around you. Some people blame friends and family. Blame is most often place on others for being a distraction or moving the phone. Friends and family will be more inclined to help you locate your lost cell phone if you’re nice to them.

If you’ve lost your cell phone within a specific area such as home or yard, try using another phone to call your cell phone. Continue calling the phone until you hear it ringing. You may want to have several people alternate calling the cell phone if you’re in a larger or noisy area. If possible, turn off anything that may mask the sound of your cell phone’s ring tone.

Retrace the steps you’ve taken since you last used your cell phone. Don’t guess. Remember exactly what you were doing the last time you saw your cell phone and start there. This may mean going through closets, searching your car, looking through a purse and searching at work. If you’ve been shopping, you should also go back to the stores you most recently visited. Check your parking spot and check the customer service desk for found cell phones.

If it’s been several hours since you’ve lost your phone, or if the stores aren’t close by, call the stores first. You can leave your home number in case your cell phone is turned in. This will save you a trip and give you more time to look at home.

Call your cell phone service provider if you have GPS enabled on your phone. They may be able to locate your cell phone. If your phone has been stolen, the thief may have disabled this. For children and teen cell phones enabled with parental GPS, use your computer to track the cell phone’s location.

In the event you can’t locate your cell phone, or if it’s been more than twenty four hours, it’s time to deactivate your cell phone. You can always reactivate it when it’s found. Call your cell phone service provider and explain the situation. They will deactivate the phone so that no calls can be made. This will prevent excess charges if the phone has fallen into the wrong hands.

Always search for your cell phone the moment you notice it missing. Keep a clear head and remember to search every place you’ve been since you last saw your phone. If possible, enlist the help of friends, family, and even your cell phone service provider.


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