How To Find a Nice Guy Through Online Dating


Authored by Abigail Beal in Dating
Published on 11-14-2008

Sometimes dating feels so hard. Every woman just wants to meet a nice guy. Online dating is one of the most popular ways to date today. But can you really meet a nice guy through online dating. There are some things you can do to improve your chances of meeting a nice guy through online dating.

Online dating can be very superficial. There are women who will toss a guy out for having a bad photo or a spelling mistake. Remember that some men just don’t have access to Photoshop or didn’t have time to spell check something. The men that may not be that smooth at dating are most likely the nice guys. The smooth, confident guys who send you Photoshopped photos are the ones that are double-booked on Saturday nights and have had a date every weekend night since the age of thirteen.

Don’t make your profile too sexy. Some women are anxious about dating and try taking overly sexy photos of themselves or use alluring language in their online dating ads. These ads unfortunately don’t seem to attract the nice guy they want, but more often appeal to the “good time” guy who simply wants to have fun. To attract the nice guy, write your profile as if you were describing yourself to a good friend. Make yourself sound upbeat, positive and appealing. Be honest but put your best foot forward. Make your photos attractive and interesting but not the sexy kitten type.

Ask a friend to review your online dating profile for an honest opinion. Best of all, ask a friend who is happily dating or married to a nice guy. Ask her if she feels this online dating profile would attract a nice guy. She may have some suggestions to how you can change it. Everyone’s personality is a little different, but often our friends know us best. Your friend may know of something that you forgot to mention or something you should emphasize that you didn’t.

Be a little more flexible about the “type” of guy you want to meet. Some women are very strict about the type of guy they want to meet. They only want to meet a guy over six feet tall or from their county or other specifics. Your nice guy could be a little shorter and a couple of zip codes away. Being a little flexible means that you’ll just be open to giving that nice guy a chance when he contacts you.

Learn to recognize the not-so-nice guys. It seems like some women attract them like flies. But we attract people according to how we treat ourselves. If you keep attracting not-so-nice guys – how are you treating yourself? Learn also to recognize that the guy who is constantly late, argues about the food at the restaurant, is obsessed with his car or his hair – is not a nice guy.

Trust that your nice guy is out there. Putting yourself out there means that you are making yourself available to nice guys. You are learning to set boundaries to avoid the not-so-nice guys. It is very important to trust that your nice guy is out there, looking for you just as hard as you are looking for him. The two of you will find each other!


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