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How to Find and Hire a Good Writer

  • By Mike Lawson
  • Published Today
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Writers come in all shapes and sizes, and with many different talents. One of the main characteristics of a good writer is someone who is able to write on a variety of topics that keep your content fresh and relevant. A good writer also understands your niche and what you want emphasized in specific articles. You want someone who is dependable and can meet your deadlines, as well. Where to Find Good Writers As mentioned above, good custom article writers are everywhere. You simply need to type in “freelance writers” into your Internet search engine, and you will have a multitude of search returns from people and places that want your business. Of course, this is just the start of finding the right person, as people will ultimately weed themselves out based on your research about them and whether or not they are interested in your topics that need articles.

Another avenue for finding a good writer is to place an ad on freelance sites. The more popular sites are Elance and Guru. There are plenty of other freelance posting sites to consider as well. This is your opportunity to list your specific topics for articles and get bids from people who can write dynamic and informative articles for you. Be cautious, however, that people bidding on your article writing projects may not speak your language fluently

, and this could be reflected in the work they deliver to you. These freelance sites have profiles where prospective writers can enter their location. What It Takes to Hire a Good Writer Finding a good writer is only half the battle. In order to secure the services of a good writer, you need to consider what you are willing to pay for your articles to be written. Writers can bid on projects that range anywhere from $10 an article to $50 an article on average. While price per article is not the only criteria in deciding on which writer to hire, it can be a huge factor in your decision. Hiring a person with the lowest quote might mean they are not detailed enough to complete the job to your specifications. Always ask for samples and/or testimonials from prospective writers before making your final decision. Ask your colleagues whom they use to write articles. References speak volumes when you are ready to hire a writer. Perhaps they can direct you to a website that their writer runs, so you can get more information and see samples of their work.

Finding a custom article writer takes some upfront legwork, and you might not find the right person on your first try. Once you do find a good writer, you will reap the benefits of awesome articles, as well as a dependable person you can work with in a long-term relationship. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work finding your custom article writer today.



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