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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

  • By Ron Subs
  • Published 06/30/2008
  • Writing for the Web

When it comes to freelance writing jobs two questions are often asked, where are they obtained, and how much should a writer charge for his or her services? The answer to both questions is not a black or white one, but there are some tried and true methods of both picking up freelance writing jobs, and finding the appropriate rate to charge that will have you writing for greenbacks before you know it. One can not start charging money for their writing services without a client, thus it is first and foremost the job of a new freelance writer to seek out work before deciding what to charge. Doing this can be a daunting task, since most new freelance writers have little to no professional experience. Lesson the blow of stress and anxiety by creating several feature articles on a favorite set of topics that can showcase your work. Once a basic portfolio of the written work has been created, it is time to start searching for freelance writing jobs. Start the search for writing gigs by looking on the large freelance websites that offer an abundance of content thirsty clients looking for a professional writer.

Another great place to find freelance writing jobs is online forums. Forums, especially those dedicated to webmaster tips and discussion offer a virtual jackpot of writing opportunities. Since the web is still dominated with the wr

itten word, there is no better client than that of a webmaster with a series of niche sites that is in need of constant content. Further, webmasters tend to be more patient with new writers as long as the rates are relatively inexpensive. Whether you land your first freelance writing job from one of the big name freelance job boards online, or from a online forum, make sure to start with an affordable menu of prices. While some new writers can instantly charge larger than average rates for their work, most start with modest fees to help gain a client base and build up their portfolio. While the term modest is left up to reader interpretation, charging between $20 and $100 per page would fall into that category of affordable writing services. This also will differentiate your services from the glut of writers that attempt to command rates 5 to 10 times the above amount. Remember, there will always be time in the future to raise your rates, create retainer packages, and come up with ways to earn more for writing less, however when starting out it is imperative to keep it cheap for the clients so they have an incentive to take a risk on a new writer.

Finally, be sure to be persistent in your search for freelance writing jobs. Without doubt you will face some adversity along the way to becoming an established freelance writer, but for those that stick to the above advice a world of creative satisfaction and financial stability awaits.



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