How to Find Movie Times for Summer Movies Online

Authored by Sharon Carter in Movies and Television
Published on 08-11-2009

Movies are one of the most common ways to relax and alleviate stress. Even with all the economic hardships in the world, people are still flocking to theaters to see their favorite flick. Making arrangements online is probably the best way to guarantee you’ll see your favorite movie. These are a few movie-related sites that will help make your life a little easier.


Moviefone was established in 1989. Moviefone was initially a telephone movie listing and information service. The service was only available in Los Angeles and New York at the time. Moviefone’s complicated telephone system has been parodied by comedians and television shows well over 50 times. Although Moveifone’s telephone service is available nationwide, the system is not accessible in every area code. In 2004, Moviefone expanded its services and became a part of the World Wide Web. Aside from ticket information and movie listings, Moviefone offers an array of information. You can view trailers, movie reviews and information on DVD releases. If you’re falling behind on the latest celebrity gossip, Moviefone has a gossip section just for you. The site even has a special section, just for summer movies.


Movietickets is another great site for all your movie needs. The site’s main objective is supply moviegoers with tickets and deals. The Movie Cards category, allows you to buy a gift card for anyone in your life. This refillable card guarantees that its recipient will be able to see any movie at any time. A Movieticket card amount ranges from $25 to $500.The Rewards Club is another opportunity that Movietickets offers its users. Members of this club earn points every time they purchase tickets from the website. The points that users acquire can be used later on to win prizes and exclusive memorabilia. In 2007, Movietickets.com established a virtual cinema inside the game Second Life. The virtual theater allows players to view trailers and purchase authentic movie tickets.


Fandango is probably the most interactive movie listing site. The top 10 movies at the box office are listed on the front page every week. The top 10 fluctuates as the box office numbers are received. Fandango also gives users a chance to vote on their favorite movie currently in theaters. Promo codes, a movie buzz section, and sweepstakes are just some of the special features that Fandango offers. Fandango’s Movie Buzz section allows users to get exclusive behind the scenes movie information and pictures and blogs. Fandango implements categories that appeal to all aspects of entertainment. The site offers in-depth reports on the latest developments in the world of entertainment.

Newspaper listings and automated phone listings are great ways to find the movie of your choice. However, you always run the risk of not finding what you want when you want it with those methods. Registering for any of these sites is quick and easy. The information and prizes that these sites offer, can’t be found via any hotline or periodical. Check out these sites, if you’re looking for a surefire method of getting in to see the newest blockbuster movie.


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