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How To Find Research Paper Writing Topics

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 06/23/2008
  • Writing

Just about every student discovers that they must write a research paper while they are in school. The research paper is a way for teaches to confirm that students are learning what they are supposed to while in their class. A research paper is also an excellent way to encourage students to take on independent research on a topic that interests them. As you write a research paper, consider how you can make your paper as original as it can possibly be. There are many common subjects that someone would write about when it comes to writing about Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. This popular tragic romance is one that many people know. To stand out from the crowd, think of how you could make your paper unique and special. Start this thinking from the very beginning as you select your thesis statement. Try to take a different way of thinking about the material. Look for unusual research sources. Your teacher will be impressed with your hard work and originality. The first step to writing a research paper is to create a thesis statement. Your thesis statement is simply something that your research paper will attempt to prove. Sometimes during the course of your research, you discover that your thesis statement will not be proven to be a positive statement. If this is the case, you can speak with your teacher and tell them what your research has uncovered and ask them if you can change your thesis statement.

Many teachers are pleased that you are working hard to do the research for your research paper and they will be happy to have you change t

his statement. They will be interested to learn about your research and most likely will ask you some questions about how you performed your research. When writing a research paper an important step is doing your research. It is critical to pay attention to any guidelines your teacher has given about what type of resources you must use. If the teacher has said, “please do not use the Internet” then you must obey this. If the teacher has said “no magazine articles” then you must follow this instruction. By not paying attention to the instructions, you are putting your grade at risk, even if your research paper is excellent. Take the time to read the instructions carefully to be sure you following them to the letter. Once you have done your research, it is time to organize your research. There may be certain research you would like to begin your research paper with. Try to create some type of outline using the research you have collected. While you may have created an original outline for your paper, your outline after you have done your research may be a bit different. Organize your paper with the research well in mind. You want the structure of the paper to compliment the research and hard work you have done. You want to be able to show off the research skills you have learned in class and the information that you have found. Very often, how you have done the research is part of your grade.

Learning how to write a research paper simply takes practice and skill. Once you have mastered research techniques you will feel more confident with how to write this type of paper. Research papers are an important part of any students learning process in school.



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