How to Find Unadvertised Jobs

Jobs are scarce, and finding the right job can be challenging – especially when not all available jobs are advertised. However, it is possible to find unadvertised jobs if you know where to look. Whether you are unemployed, under-employed, or currently employed and just looking for a change, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of finding and landing an unadvertised job.

The best way to find unadvertised jobs is to network. Everyone is a great source of information and potential job leads. Cultivate relationships with your contacts in the industry, in your neighborhood, and online. If you belong to a gym, church, or social club, keep in mind that other members are potential sources of job leads. Your friends, relatives, and acquaintances all have contacts you have never met. The key is to network effectively.

If you have been out of work for a long time, most people will understand that you need a job right away and are contacting everyone in an attempt to find one. Even so, you need to be willing to return the favor. It may not be the same type of favor; perhaps somehow you know has a friend or relative who is looking for a job, information about a particular career path, or something completely different, such as a good babysitter or a reliable used car. Your willingness to help out in an appropriate manner is important. Even if you have not yet found a job, people will see that you are willing to help others in need and will remember you if an opportunity comes along.

Think about ways to expand your network. If finances permit, consider taking a course in your field or attending a training seminar. You will meet new contacts who could become allies in your job search.

Networking is the best way to find unadvertised jobs, but it is not the only way. Keep abreast of industry news, especially locally. If you learn that a company in your field plans to expand in the near future, send in your resume.

Get the contact information for every potential employer in your area and then send out your resume, along with a cover letter tailored to each recipient. Do the same for companies in other areas if you are willing to relocate.

Jobs are often filled before anyone has a chance to advertise them. One reason is that insiders hear about imminent job vacancies through the company grapevine. These vacancies are frequently filled by current employees who are looking to change positions. However, these jobs are sometimes filled by outsiders who either knew someone in the company or made it a point to market themselves to the person in charge of hiring.

Sometimes, a job is unadvertised because the position does not exist. If you know that you could fulfill an unidentified need, call the human resources department and request a meeting. Explain that you will need just five minutes to pitch your idea. If your contact agrees to meet with you, be sure to rehearse a five-minute pitch so that you can keep your word.

Whether you are networking or making unsolicited contact with potential employers, it is important to leave everyone with a good impression. Make sure that your resume is current and free from errors, refresh your interview skills, and present a professional image.


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