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How to Fix Your Pen The Ink Bubble Resolved


The Air Bubble in the Ink Cartridge is Fixed – The After Picture

A few days ago I posted a question to see if anyone would be able to offer suggestions on how to fix my pen, and there were a ton of good suggestions.  The problem was that the pen had an air bubble in the ink cartridge and the ink stopped flowing, but there was still a bunch of ink left beyond the bubble so I didn’t want to waste it.

There were 13 responses to the question, and all of them were great suggestions that sounded like they would probably work, but I was most intrigued by the whole centrifuge concept.  Unfortunately I dont own or have access to a centrifuge, and thats where Steve came in with his great suggestion:

I too thought of the centrifuge idea. Don’t have one? No problem! 1) Tape/zip-tie the refill to a spoke on your bicycle tire (have the tip pointing outward, of course). 2) Go for an intense ride! I mean really go for it.

3) Done.

Initially I thought to myself “nah, that wont work” but I figured that it would be fun to try, and who cant use some exercise, right?  Since I usually ride my bike indoors with an indoor trainer, I figured this would be an easy test to try out.  So as suggested, I taped the refill to the spoke of my rear tire with the tip pointing outwards and started pedaling.  I cant really put my finger on the exact parameters that did the trick, but I rode with the ink cartridge taped to the spoke for 22 minutes and 3 seconds at an average of 15.3 mph, and a max of 23.2 mph.  The 23.2 mph part only lasted for about 10 seconds though, I’m not exactly Lance Armstrong.


Air Bubble in an Ink Refill – the Before Picture

So as promised, there is a prize awaiting Steve for his suggestion, so if you are reading this Steve, here is a list of things for you to pick from:

1. A Moleskine Volant Mini Notebook in lime green

2. A Stainless Steel Sharpie

3. One Yellow 3M Post it Flag Chisel Tip Highlighter

4. One blue Sharpie Grip Pen

Let me know which of these you would prefer, and send me an email (see the About / Contact tab above) with your mailing address.
Thanks to everyone who commented and had suggestions, they were all great suggestions, and hopefully others with a similar problem can put some of them to use to fix their pens.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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