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How to follow 2012 new winter fashion trend in wholesalelucky.com

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/21/2012

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Each girl is eager to present herself in the beautiful way in winter, then girls can become more confident and beautiful. So the girls should learn how to dress, which can create the most fashion personality style. Today our wholesale clothing china online shop will teach you to take the surgery Variety Fashionable winter!

Fashion depends on the details of the mix, a wide range of clothing, mix and match with different people can wear the same feeling. Enhance cute index black bowler hat with the same color cotton mix together instantly broke the previous winter clothing brings dull impression accessories with the importance of the overall shape enough to appear. Pink jacket and blue pants hit the color mix.

Selected a favorite color, and wore it with pleasure and good mood, so you spend every day of the winter. The vibrant colors of orange down jacket coat, loose board type match pants, casual and simple, stylish atmosphere, the focus of this mix is ​​still warm it.

Korean woolen jacket, its black and white pattern, showing retro, minimalist charm. Different fashion elements, so showing a different fashion charm natural. With a candy-colored skirt, a pair of knee boots, which highlight the personal charm of the body the United States take to make you more confident, beautiful.

Liked this woolen coat with a plush stitching, giving very atmospheric, stylish feel. Qingshunv who accompanied ornaments to decorate the pearl necklace with the style of the coat is very consistent.

White with pink skirt, beautiful and moving, with the Lolita style winter clothing, are also popular with young girls favorite. White beret, the most suitable match woolen jacket, woolen clothes and cute style pink skirt with together, it is to highlight the playful qualities of the girl.

Camel cape coat, too for extra padding crush, to help fat sister have good body piercing winter, cover the meat is very effective! Fur collar leather buckle design is also very stylish, coupled with gray primer shirt, black miniskirt, build winter fashion mix and match look!

Bright yellow woolen jacket lapel style, the details of the girls with a well done, scarves, hats and belts are very in tune with the style of dress, and overall sense of giving a gentle feeling of maturity.

Wholesale fashion dresses, its black color style is particularly conspicuous, so the jacket is suitable for winter. Then it Coupled with lace hollow skirt and leggings, which is super sexy seductive and fashion in our wholesale shoes shop.

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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