How to Follow Long Term Forex Trends for Long Term Success

People try every possible way to gain big profits in forex. But novice traders have to understand that they can’t earn quick cash overnight. There is, however, a way of increasing your gain. To be able to do this you have to follow forex trends in a longer term. Short term trading wouldn’t bring you much profits because the key here is to follow the vital information long term.

Most forex newbies just prefer to trade instead of following trends. Traders hope that their petty moves in forex trading would bring them huge gains. But the truth is, short term moves, which are random and baseless, are more likely to wipe out their equity leading to more losses than gains.

Forex strategies include swing trading and forex trend long term trend following. If you carefully analyze forex charts, you will see that there are long term forex trends that usually last for months or even years. Trends like these do yield unimaginably high profits in the forex trading industry. Here are forex following trend tips, which when used appropriately, will definitely lead you towards forex trading success.


Breakout is a way of following trends in forex. This refers to a variation in the forex chart which indicates a new high or low change and that a resistance is broken. This is by far the best way of catching the significant activities in the forex market.

Now, why are breakouts reliable? It is because all major activities in the forex is a result of a new high or low. Most novice traders would wait for the next breakout to come back so that they can get it at a higher price but they never get on board. Remember that when a breakout occurs, traders have a higher chance of getting into a stronger trend. During this time, a pullback is less likely to happen. Another reason why this is reliable is the fact that most traders don’t trade breakouts.

Just be aware of the broken resistance or support that is associated with breakouts. Make sure that these are valid. By valid it means that there are many tests and the spacing between tests is wider.


Not all breakouts continue. This means that they can actually reverse bringing you losses. Therefore, it is necessary to double check your every move. You can do this by using momentum indicators. Indicators like such are usually incorporated in your forex trading systems. Their main function is to remind you of a price velocity and strength.

In addition to the above mentioned strategis, don’t forget to be aware of your stops and targets. This just means that you should know when to place your stops if a big amount of money is at risk. If eventually a breakout turn against your trading move, you are going to give back some of your profits. This is very normal as traders experience this quite often. Instead, think of the possibilities of gaining in the future.


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