How to Gain Muscle After 30

There will be, in some stage of life, a time where an individual finds himself a victim of time. With age comes frailty and weakness. The vices of life become all the more potent to one’s health and vitality. No longer can the individual enjoy the merrymaking with the vigor of health at the same time. This applies to gaining muscle as well.

Complications of gaining muscle when over 30

Once the body has taken 30 years of physical abuse and injuries, many factors of growth in the body slows or stop. One such factor is testosterone production. A study has stated that 1 out of 4 males over 30 suffer from low testosterone. Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are symptoms of low testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is essential for building and maintaining muscle. It is proven through the years that testosterone has a direct correlation with an individual’s physiology.

Metabolism will also slow as the individual ages. If all factors are estimated at the same levels, a study has shown that there will be a 5% decrease of metabolism per decade of age. But muscle loss is experienced as well if the individual does not consistently lift weights. This further reduces metabolism and amount of calories burned while at rest.

Joints also become a problem as time passes. This is more prominent in individuals who exercise and lift weights regularly. Because of the abrasion and stress on the joints, injuries become far more common as the cartilage in between the joints wear and tear.

How to solve the complications and gain muscle

The complications that associate themselves with old age may seem disheartening at first glance. But with further inspection and the correct application of knowledge, these problems can be easily solved.

The joints have already taken a beating through the years. This makes it harder to execute heavier lifts which is ironically also the best option to build muscle mass. Although hard, lifting with heavy weights without injuring the joints is still possible. Periodization should be the main training template for lifters over 30 years of age. Simply divide the year into 3-4 blocks of training. Each block will focus on different qualities that will help build muscle.

Example yearly training block:

January to April – Heavy weight low rep lifting

May to July – Mobility and physical fitness

August to October – Light weight high rep lifting

November to December – Moderate weight medium rep lifting

Nutrition and supplementation are of vital importance in gaining muscle, especially for the individual who is over 30 years of age. Frequent small meals are a must for boosting metabolism throughout the day. Vegetables and fruits should be included in every meal so as to provide enough antioxidants in the body. Broccoli, beans and red meat should be regulars in the individual’s diet as these foods help in testosterone production.

If the individual’s testosterone levels are dangerously low, supplements can be used to regulate them. Keep in mind to check with your doctor which supplements are safe to use. Also be aware that many people associate testosterone boosting drugs as steroids.

Building muscle over 30 is almost the same as building muscle under 30. With the exception of the complications, there should not be much difference in building muscle when an individual is young or old. Knock over the barriers and disadvantages that come with old age and start building muscle rapidly in no time!



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