How To Get A Man Off Your Mind

Whether he was your husband, boyfriend or crush, once he’s gone, you can’t seem to get him off your mind. You find yourself thinking of him when you watch television, listen to music or go out to eat. With a few simple tips, you can move on with your life and get your man off your mind.

Remove Reminders

Immediately remove all obvious reminders of the man from your life. Get a shoebox or bag and take down all photographs. Place any gifts, such as jewelry or stuffed animals in the box. Remove any mix CDs from your collection. If the two of you had a favorite movie, place it in the box as well. Basically, remove any physical evidence that you knew him.

Place all reminders in a box or bag and place it under your bed or in the back of your closet. Once you’ve forgotten the guy, you can decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw out.

Go Out with Friends

Call your friends and plan a night out. If possible, plan a weekend getaway. Having fun with your friends is an excellent way to get your mind off a man. Go to a restaurant he never took you to or see the kind of movies he hated. The more you focus your mind on your friends, the less time you’ll have to think of him.


Consider meeting someone new. He doesn’t have to be your soul mate, but dating will make you feel attractive and remind you that there are other guys out there for you. Ask friends to hook you up and double date. Be assertive and ask out the guy that’s been flirting with you while you were attached to someone else. Take the opportunity to dress up and date again. You don’t have to tie yourself down. Just remind yourself you have the right to go out and be happy too.


Many people get stuck in one look simply because that’s what their man likes. Your man is gone, so why shouldn’t you try that new hairstyle you like or change up your makeup? Go to a local mall, hair salon or spa and get a makeover. Many stores offer free makeovers to get you to try new products.

A makeover can also include new clothes. Try a new outfit. Have a small shopping spree and splurge on a new style for yourself.

Do Something New

In relationships, you often get into a rut of doing the same thing day in and day out. Your man isn’t holding you down any longer, so try something new. Take up a new hobby or travel to an exotic location. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s something you’ve always wanted to try.

With a mixture of pampering, dating, hanging out with friends and exploring new interests, you can get a man off your mind quickly. Once the reminders are out of the way, you are free to move on with your life and be even happier than before.


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