How to Get a Tiny Waist


Authored by Michelle Fairbrother in Exercise 
Published on 09-26-2009

If there is one common goal that women have in terms of their size and shape and getting fit, it is getting a tiny waist. Even those women that would prefer to stay a bit more voluptuous in other areas, would like to achieve a healthier state and more svelte body and slenderize in the waist area. The problem is that the waist area is one which a large majority of women have a great deal of trouble with when it comes to losing weight and changing their shape.

For any women who either want to get in shape and get a tiny waist, or even those who are at an ideal weight and like the way they look and who really just want to be able to maintain their figure, there are a few tips that are incredibly helpful and important to take seriously here.

The first step to getting a tiny waist is to go through the cupboards and do a thorough cleaning. This doesn’t mean dusting out the crumbs in the cupboards. It means stepping up to the plate and actually tossing out all the fatty, processed, unhealthy food. The food that is not going to do the body any good needs to be removed. Most people are not even aware of just how unhealthy they are eating until they take a look inside their food cupboards and really consider what they are eating on a regular basis.

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial and the best beginning step for anyone trying to lose weight and get a tiny waist. Snack crackers, frozen foods, cheeses and soft drinks are all going to put on the weight and typically most of this weight is going to settle around the stomach area.

Women who want to shed those extra pounds around the tummy and get a tiny waist need to get rid of these types of foods and completely change their entire way of thinking when it comes to what they are consuming on a regular basis. They need to know what foods are making up their grocery list. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important for a nutritious diet, as are nuts and whole grain breads and cereals.

Exercise is also going to play a pivotal role in getting that cute tiny waist and there are a few exercises in particular that have proven to work extremely well on the waist area. One of the best exercises to help achieve a tiny waist is the crunch. This is one of the oldest and most basic exercises, but one that really does work and show results when done correctly.

The most common mistake that people make when doing crunches is they go too fast and forget to focus on the muscles that they are working out. Doing three crunches correctly is going to have more of an effect than doing three thousand crunches incorrectly. This is why it is so important to practice doing crunches until the right muscles are being worked out.

The bicycle is another very simple exercise that is specifically aimed at working out the waist. It is performed by lying flat on the floor with the lower back pressed to the ground, hands beside the head. The knees should then be brought up to a 45-degree angle, the legs starting to move slowly as if they were on a bicycle. The left elbow should come up and touch the right knee, then the right elbow to the left knee.

With a combination of proper diet and exercise regimes, pounds will drop off the body and the waist will become small and toned. Getting a tiny waist is not going to be an easy thing, as it will be hard work. But it will all be more than worth it when the results start showing.


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