How to Get Better Eyesight


Authored by Heaven Stubblefield in Eyes and Vision
Published on 08-27-2009

Your eyesight can be affected by a variety of different events in your everyday life. Your eyes are over worked, strained, and tired. Most of us have jobs that require us to stare at a computer screen all day. When we get home we relax with a good book or by watching a few hours of TV, we text messages to each other on tiny cell phone screens, and play video games on tiny handheld devices. Concentrating our eyes on these small backlit screens coupled with the lack of sleep and loads of stress cause a person’s eyes to grow weak and fatigued, which can lead to poor eyesight. Just like going to the gym can strengthen muscles and give a person more energy, taking time out each day to relax our eyes and do a few simple exercises can help improve one’s vision, naturally.

Start by closing your eyes and relaxing your thoughts. Think of pleasant things that make you happy to relax your body overall. This will give your eye muscles a break that will cause less strain, thereby enhancing your eyesight overall. Then cover your eyes completely with the palms of both hands. Do this gently to keep the overall relaxation theme. Be careful not press down on the eyes. Then relax your vision. You will see a few colors and light but keep your eyes relaxed and eventually your vision will go black under your palms.

Once your vision is black, move your eyes slowly from left to right. If you have trouble doing this, picture a tree branch swinging gently on a breeze. After your eyesight is officially black, start to move the darkness and visualize objects with your mind’s eye. Focus on the object with your mind and go over the detail’s object. By remembering these precise components you’ll develop the ability to see actual objects more clearly with more efficient eyesight.

Once you have had time to relax your eyes, try to do a quick strengthening exercise. Get two pencils. Hold one about four inches from the tip of your nose. Hold the other pencil at arm’s length. Focus on the pencil held at arm’s length. Gradually move it closer to your eye. When you focus on the far pencil as it comes closer to your eyes, the image of the pencil held close to your face will split in two. Visualize the moving pencil coming though that split image. Again, hold one pencil about four inches from your nose and one pencil at arm’s length. Focus on the pencil closet to your face. The vision of the pencil held at arm’s length will split. Focus on seeing that split image through the sight of the pencil held close to your eyes. This will also improve your overall eyesight.

Keep your vision centered on one detail at a time when looking at an object. Give your brain time to put the details of your vision together for clearer, more concise eyesight. This will help you see things clearly without over working your eyes.

And finally, enjoy the sun! Natural sunlight is best for the eyes and causes the least amount of strain on your vision. Being under florescent lights all day and reading off backlit computer screens causes the eyes extreme fatigue. Take a break when you can and see things under stress free sunlight. Remember to always were UV screening sunglasses to protect your eyes from extremely bright sunlight.


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