How to Get Pregnant at 40


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Normally when a woman hits the age of 30, her fertility rate goes down. When she reaches the age of 40, it gets very hard to conceive. In world today were women are too engrossed with their career and other hobbies, they have completely forgotten about their biological clock. By the time they found the love of their life or they finally decide to start their own family, they are already at their 40s. Getting pregnant when you are in this age involves high risk. This risk includes the life of the mother and the baby itself. According to survey, babies that are born out of a woman in her late years are prone to birth defects and other health problems. It is good to know that there are a lot of women who are very successful in attempting to get pregnant during this age.

When deciding to get pregnant at this certain age, you need to consult your doctor. He or she might perform test that you need to undergo so that you will know if your body is in good condition. Due to some research and studies that were done, being pregnant at the age of 40 is not an impossible dream. There some techniques that is natural in nature and very effective. This can make you avoid undergoing IVF or surgical process just to be able to get pregnant. Here are some ways that you might actually want to try when you are planning to have a baby during this time of your life.

  • Natural fertility methods are the best way to go. Although older women get a short window time every month for them to get pregnant, doing correctly the natural methods can increase their percentages of conceiving. Normally, a woman is fertile 12 to 14 days before her period but due to the fact that the older you get the less chance that you can pinpoint your ovulation period. Buy an ovulation kit so that you will know when it will be the best time to have sex.
  • Another natural method is building up the sperm before doing the deed. There many ways to do this so that a man can build his sperm count so that he can be able to give you the maximum healthy sperm during your period of ovulation. A simple strategy is to abstain from sexy 3 to 4 days prior to the ovulation time.
  • During this time when you are trying to conceive, you need to take the stress away from your system. As we all know stress play a huge factor when it comes to fertility. Positive attitude and positive outlook in life can definitely help you in your conception efforts. Proper diet can also help in conceiving.
  • Fertility drugs are often considered when you want to get pregnant but take note that you need to research first because these drugs could have side effects.
  • There is a surgical process called in vitro fertilization or IVF. This process involves combining the egg and the sperm in the lab. After two days, this fertilized egg can now be placed in your uterus. This is considered the last result for some people. This method is quite expensive as well.

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