How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

Getting rid of a yeast infection is high on the list of every woman at some point in their lives. Virtually every woman has a yeast infection eventually, and it is highly uncomfortable. When a woman suffers from a yeast infection she will often complain of an itching and burning sensation, and a white, cheesy looking discharge. Yeast infections are caused by fungus, and the treatment of a yeast infection is often related to which type. Here are a number of ways to get rid of a yeast infection naturally and through traditional medicine.

Medicinal Ways to Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

The most common medicines to get rid of a yeast infection is called clotrimazole and miconazole. These medicines usually come in a suppository form, or cream. These medicines are often highly effective and they are available over the counter. Some women experience an allergic reaction to these creams, and should be monitored carefully.

Nizoral is a more powerful antifungal that is used orally. This drug can be dangerous for some women due to liver toxicity, and should only be used under close supervision of your doctor.

Terazol is one of the most popular medications due to the fact that it is highly effective and rarely has side effects. This medication is gaining in popularity to get rid of a yeast infection.

Alternative Considerations to Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

Douches have become the ugly step child of yeast infections and are no longer recommended except in specific instances. Commericial douches should not be used in women who are susceptible to yeast infections.

When you get a yeast infection, lay off the fruits, sugars, and candy bars. Sugar is one of the main culprits when it comes to fungal growth. Avoiding these can help the fungus to dissipate quicker.

Add some yogurt and buttermilk to your diet if you are suffering from a yeast infection. These have lactobacilli that can actually kill the fungus. This has long been a home remedy to get rid of a yeast infection.

Stress and antibiotics are two other contributing factors for a yeast infection. Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and only take antibiotics when truly necessary. These lifestyle factors are more important than you realize.

Avoid the fancy scents when you launder your undies. The smell may be nice, but they cause yeast infections as well. Use unscented detergents and no fabric softener on your underwear to keep this area clean and dry.

Chamomile is another wonderful remedy to kill fungi. This herb can be taken to help get rid of a yeast infection as well.

For itching and burning, aloe vera is one of the best natural topical treatments. This can be used to great effectiveness when suffering from a yeast infection.

These are just some of the many solutions you can try to get rid of a yeast infection. Each of these solutions are tried and tested to be effective, and any one of them might do the trick. As always, be sure to consult with your doctor before trying any medicinal treatment or new herbal treatments.


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