How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight


Authored by Sandra Parker in Skin Care
Published on 09-10-2009

Acne is a very broad term that refers to numerous different types of blemishes and bumps affecting the skin of the face.  Acne can be a result of many different agents going to work wreaking havoc on the face. By following a few quick and easy tips, you can rid yourself of the curse of acne overnight.

Tip one: Stop Popping those zits. Not only does putting pressure on the inflamed pimple cause increased distress to the skin resulting in additional redness and irritation, it also causes any underlying bacterial infection to be spread to other pores. This causes even more pimples to crop up.  And, if certain pores of the skin are not actually infected, the introduction of bacteria from your fingers will most certainly make them so. 

Tip two: Cleanse your face. Before going to bed, gently wash your face with warm water and a mild cleanser made specially for the face.  Avoid “pimple reducing” soaps as they contain astringents that will unnecessarily dry the face, triggering the production of more sebum. This will aggravate any existing pimples. 

Tip three: Exfoliate. While cleansing, use a gentle exfoliation routine to remove any dead skin cells that may clog pores.  Do not over-exfoliate because just like astringents, the exfoliation procedure will over stimulate the oil producing glands of the face and irritate the skin.

Tip four: Apply Toner. After cleansing, swipe over your entire face with a toner, which will tighten the pores and remove any leftover traces of cleanser.  You can purchase an over-the-counter toner, but beware of any toners that include perfumes and other additives that may irritate your skin.  Witch hazel and lemon juice can both be used as an inexpensive alternative to store bought toners.  To rid your skin of acne, you must kill the bacteria causing the breakout.  Toners that include antibacterial preparations should be used.  This will ensure a blemish free face in the morning.

Tip Five: Spot Treatments:  If your breakout is severe, or if you just have a few pimples, a spot treatment is a good idea.  A spot treatment will target the infected pore and kill the bacteria inside, while soothing the irritated skin.  Inexpensive spot treatments you can use at home are shaving cream, aspirin and lemon juice, garlic juice, and Bentonite Clay.

Tip Six: Relax. Stress causes breakouts because the stress hormones trigger the production of sebum.  If you go to sleep worrying about whether or not your pimples will be gone, odds are, there will be even more there in the morning.

Tip Seven: Establish a Routine.  To prevent future breakouts it is important to establish a good skin care routine.  By following the steps above every night, you can ward off any new breakouts.


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