How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs

Cellulite is the excessive storage of fats in a specific area (usually in the buttocks, under the arms and the thighs) which results in dimpled skin. This is most commonly found in females. The formation of cellulite is believed to be linked with the primary female sex hormone estrogen. That is why most males do not suffer from cellulite unless they have an imbalance of hormones.

Cellulite in the thighs is very unsightly and many women will do anything to remove them. This includes certain remedies and cures which have no scientific basis at all. The end result is usually a disappointing failure. So how exactly do you remove cellulite on your thighs?

Charles Poliquin, hailed as the world’s best strength coach, has revealed in his Biosignature Modulation, a system to lose body-fat in specific locations, that excessive body-fat in the thigh region is because of estrogen imbalances. Rectifying the estrogen imbalances will reduce the body-fat in that specific location.

Hormonal imbalances can be solved through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes. Exercise and good nutrition will also help in removing cellulite in your thighs. So how exactly can you remove cellulite with the above factors?


Having proper nutrition which promotes fat loss will help tremendously in removing fat from cellulite areas and everywhere else. Start removing starchy carbohydrates such as rice, noodles and bread. This is because starchy carbohydrates breaks down in digestion and releases glucose to the bloodstream very quickly. Excessive glucose will be stored as fat if not used.

Vegetables should be consumed as much as possible to correct estrogen imbalances. Foods such as broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and spinach are all good choices and you should be eating 4-5 servings every day. Avoid soy products as they will increase production of estrogen.

You should also be following good dietary plans for fat loss in general. That means 5-6 light meals a day, more protein, more good fats (Nuts, olive oil), less bad fats (Trans fat), more fruit and vegetables and no more junk food.

Weightlifting and exercise

Weightlifting and exercise will increase the lean muscle tissue in the thighs. This will reduce the appearance of cellulite to an extent. Squats, step-ups and other quadricep (thighs) dominant exercises will increase muscle mass in the thighs.

It should be noted that you should do a whole body workout and not only exercises for your thighs. This is very important as specific muscle growth in an area will cause muscular imbalances and you will hurt yourself in the long run. Increased muscle mass will also increase metabolism and burn more fat. This is another reason to increase muscle mass in every part of the body as you will lose fat in the thighs faster.

Doing cardiovascular exercise several times a week will also help in removing cellulite. Exercises such as jogging and cycling involve the quadriceps muscle a great deal. As such, increased muscle growth will occur in the thighs. Cardiovascular exercise will also help in losing fat in general and you should exercise no more than 30 minutes a session. This is to stop cortisol production when your body is over-stressed in long periods of time.

Cellulite has always been a problem which has plagued many women over the years. Start eating well, weightlifting and exercising 3 times a week and say good riddance to ugly cellulite!



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