How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Garden


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Pest Control 
Published on 11-26-2009

There are thousands of types of spiders wandering all over the United States so it’s only natural to spot a few in your garden. Although spiders can be beneficial to a garden, some prefer not to have them around. When this is the case, there are some simple methods to getting rid of these creepy creatures.

Ditch the Night Light

Spiders are in your garden to get rid of bugs. The bugs are there because they are attracted to the light. Getting rid of an outdoor night light that may be near your garden can help to drastically reduce the amount of bugs. When the number of bugs has reduced, so will the spiders.

Clean Dense Areas

Do you have your garden close to a wooded area or around dense branches? This is where spiders usually hangout. Cleaning out wooded areas or dense braches can help to remove many spiders from your garden. Not all of the branches have to go, just the ones that are lying across the ground.

Dead Plant Life

If you prefer to let your plants die naturally in your garden, you can expect to have many spiders in the area. Spiders love to use old plants to create their webs in. To treat this problem, simply pull out and toss the old plants or just cover them completely with mulch.

Check Screens and Vents

If you have a garden located in a green house, you may want to check the building itself to see how the spiders are getting in. Any small cracks, holes in the building itself or screens can allow small critters to come in. Block off any vents in order to keep spiders and other bugs from entering from outdoors.

Ditch Boxes and Wood

Spiders love to hide in almost anything they can find. If you have any materials around your garden such as cardboard boxes, paper, wood barrels, or plastic boxes, it may be a good idea to move them away from the garden.

Keep Food Put Away

Having bread crumbs or any other type of food lying around will definitely attract bugs. After having a snack in your garden, be sure to clean up any leftover food and toss it in an indoor trash can. Keep any outdoor trash cans as far away from the garden as possible to avoid spiders from sticking around for the food.

Use Strong Oils

Use strong and spicy oils such as peppermint, spearmint, or eucalyptus can help to help keep the spiders away. Bugs don’t like these heavy spices and the smell alone will keep them far away from your garden. Rubbing down any tables or counters around the garden with vinegar or rubbing alcohol can also keep the spiders away.

Final Thoughts

Using these simple organic methods to get rid of your spiders can help to keep them away without actually hurting them. Remember that spiders can be a good thing to have in your garden to help keep the bugs from eating your plants. If you enjoy a spider-free garden, be sure to use these harm-free ways to keep your garden free from the small creatures.


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