How To Get Tanned Like a Brazilian Beauty

Tanning like a Brazilian beauty comes more naturally and easily for those of us who are blessed with a yellow to olive skin tone. For fairer skin types it is still possible, but you must go a different route to that of traditional tanning.

Let’s start off by mentioning the fact that tanning for hours under the sun or tanning bed is not a healthy habit. Sure, we might look great now, but think of the prolonged effects on your skin! The good news is, there are other ways to get tanned.

To get tanned the traditional way (i.e. under the sun) and achieve that beautiful deep tan associated with Brazilian super models, one must know that less is more. When going to the beach to get tanned, you should wear a tanning cream with a little bit of SPF, especially on the face. Leather face is NOT attractive or beautiful! Another good rule of thumb to follow to get tanned in a deep golden manner is to avoid the strongest sun hours, which are from 11-2 pm. From personal experience, the sun after 2 pm lends itself as the perfect strength to achieve a bronzed glow without the redness of burning. And no pain!

To get tanned under the sun, it will take more than one day, and a few hours at a time. Say from 2pm to 4 pm for at least 3 days. Try and do one hour on each side (front and back) but alternate every 15-30 minutes. Also, ensure that you are facing the sun to avoid shadows cast by your own body that may result in uneven tanned spots.

Now, if you are more in a hurry, and not by the beach, there is also the alternative of a tanning booth. When using a booth to get tanned, make sure you buy the best tanning cream specifically used for these, as they are usually formulated to react on your skin in a manner different to regular tanning lotion for the sun. To get tanned in a tanning booth all it takes is a few minutes per session (usually around 6-8), and about 4-5 sessions depending on how dark you would like to get tanned.

The two ways mentioned above, however, are not the best methods for fair skin girls to get a tan. Both the sun and the booth will make you burn into a deep shade of pink or red instead of helping you achieve a golden tan glow. For a safer and equally attractive tan, you can try airbrush tanning.

Getting tanned with this fake alternative is not only safer, it can be a lot cheaper than a vacation to the Bahamas or 5 sessions at a tanning booth. You can choose the depth of your tan, opting for lighter or darker, all in one go! It is also a lot less time consuming. You will be avoiding any chance of burning or peeling of the skin, which is not only counterproductive to looking like a Brazilian beauty, it is dangerous as well.

This method is actually the safest and most recommended for any skin tone, and works for anyone.


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