How To Get The Job Before Leaving The Interview

Going to an interview can be one of the most stressful parts of the job process. Nothing is more frustrating about an interview done to not be offered the job before you leave. Many times, the job is yours for the taking without your having realized it. Of course, there is always that chance that you did not get the job as well. The only way that you can know for sure is to ask.

There are only a handful of reasons for a company to not tell you if you have the job after an interview. The first reason is because you are not a good fit. The second reason would be because they are undecided. The third reason is because they are keeping their options open. This third option is the area where you can make a difference before you leave.

The first step to securing the job before you leave is to read the body language of your interviewer. Generally if people are interested in hiring you, you will be able to notice that. When you pick up on these cues, do not be afraid to ask if they are interested. This can often lead to a discussion about terms of employment. This can be a quick way to get hired on the spot.

Many people miss this opportunity altogether because they are afraid that the interviewer will say no. This is rather silly because if they are not interested in hiring you, you are better off knowing before you leave.

Another key to getting the job before you leave the interview is to know when to keep your mouth shut. Once the interviewer has offered you the job, only answer direct questions or talk about general things. More jobs are lost due to this problem than any other during an interview. You have probably heard the term “talking yourself out of a job” before. This is what they are talking about.

The best interviewees always are proactive about securing the position. Do not be pushy on the subject, but do not be afraid to ask the simple questions. Most of the time, an interviewer will be more than willing to give you those answers before you leave. If nothing else, make sure that you ask when to expect to hear from them. At least this will give you a deadline of sorts, that you can then use as a reason to call.

Going home without being sure if you got the job or not is a frustrating experience. Many times the best opportunity to get that answer is before you leave. If you get home and do not hear anything, then you will be kicking yourself for not asking those questions while you had the chance.


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