How To Get The Ultimate Close Shave

Getting a nice close shave is one of those things that can really set a man apart from his peers. Many men shave every single day, but never really know how to do it properly. Shaving is something that takes a bit of attention to detail. It is not just pulling out any old shaver and running across your stubble. While this will work, you will never get that nice smooth face that so many women find so attractive. Some men find themselves with a continuous stubble, regardless of how much they shave. Here is how to get the ultimate close shave every single time, and keep those stubbles away.

The first thing you need to do is set your shaving cream up to warm. If you do not own a shaving cream warmer, then you can take a standard can of shaving cream and soak it in hot water. This will heat the contents fairly quickly, and it will be ready for use in about ten minutes.

Once you have your shaving cream warming, then you should clean your face thoroughly. This will help to get the hairs standing on end, and will clean the pores. Also, you should gather your trimmers, razor, and a good aftershave lotion for after the close shave.

As for razors, much ado has been made about whether you should use single blade, double blade, or even quadruple blade razors. The truth is, it depends on what your face can put up with. The average skin will be fine with any of them, but some men have very sensitive skin. This can be a problem with the multiple bladed razors. For this reason, you must try several razors before deciding on the right one for you. Whichever feels the most comfortable is the right one to use. You can get a super close shave with any razor if you do the rest of the things in this article, anyway. Paying huge amounts of money for razors is really not necessary.

Now that you have your supplies together, you are ready to take the shaving cream out from the hot water. Apply the warm shaving cream to your face liberally, and then let it sit on your face for about five minutes. Make sure that you put enough shaving cream that it covers every part of your shaving area evenly. Once it is applied correctly, then you simply need to wait. This is a good time clip your nails, trim your ear hairs or nose hairs, and make sure you are not sporting a unibrow.

Now that your other facial work is done, it is time to get that close shave. The heat from the shaving cream will help the razor to shave close and clean. Make sure that you shave each area closely, and that you use the same shaving pattern each time that you shave.

The real key to the close shave is in the pre-shaving routine. Warm shaving cream that is allowed to sit is the biggest factor in getting a close shave. Another important part of the close shave is keeping a routine with how often you shave. Try to shave at the same time every single day. Your body has a way of getting used to what you do, and this is no exception. A clean, close shave is easy if you follow these steps!


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