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How To Get Your Articles Ranked On Google Using These Killer Tactics

  • By Bob Withers
  • Published 05/17/2011
  • Article Writing

Article writing has been and continues to be one of the most effective and one of the most consistent traffic generating techniques in use online today. After writing your editorials you want to gain maximum exposure for your work on the web by having people click through your resource box link and visit your home business sales page or product offer. Sometimes increasing your views and your readership requires using your imagination so you can gain an edge over your competition and get ranked on the first page by the major search engines on the Internet. Here are 5 killer tactics you can use to attract Google’s attention so everyone else online will take notice of your work: 1. Always post your new article to your blog as well as to the major article directories online. However, before you do so you must make some changes by reworking at least 30% of the content so you won’t be penalized in any way by the search engines. This is also a great way to add new content to your blog without having to generate new ideas for your editorials. 2. Twitter is also a tremendous resource you can use in conjunction with Ezine articles to advertise your new work. Ezine articles offer a feature whereby you can link them to your Twitter account and they will tweet a link to your new editorial after submission so your followers can enjoy your new commentary.

3. If you’ve compiled a number of articles over the past months you can use them to create reports to distribute online with your website link included to further increase your visibility. You can give them away i

n exchange for your visitor’s contact information as a way to help build your email list. This is also a fast and easy way to create your own product which you can sell on the web as a way to establish another income stream for your home business. This is also an excellent approach for branding yourself and establishing your credibility as an Internet marketer online. 4. Forum posting is another technique you can use to increase your writing’s exposure on the web. You can create a discussion related to a topic you’ve covered on your blog and begin posting some of your most interesting content for other members to read. This may help get you recognized as an expert in a particular niche thereby further enhancing your reputation on the Internet. 5. Video is all the rage on the web these days as evidenced by the popularity of video sharing websites such as Google. To take advantage of this notoriety you should turn your article into a video for distribution to these websites. All you need is a digital camera and one of the video editing software packages which are readily available online so you can turn it into a professional production. Once it’s finished distribute it to the top video sharing websites on the web with the link to your squeeze page included in your resource box to help build your email list and increase your sales.

So if you’ve been writing articles for the sole purpose of submitting them to the major articles directories on the web you should now create an increased exposure strategy by first turning your work into a video and then following the other promotional tactics we’ve discussed to increase traffic and sales for your online home based business.


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by Bob Withers



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