How to Give a Good PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations can give your class project, business presentation, or family get together some style and professionalism. Using PowerPoint doesn’t have to be hard, and it is actually quite simple. However, you do need to follow a few steps to ensure that your presentation is tasteful and conveys the message you want.

1. Get your ideas together. You will first want to gather all of the information you will need for your presentation; if your presentation is on a former president for example, you will need to get the information about the president. This would include dates, events, pictures, and anything else you will want to tell your audience.

2. Look for compelling pictures. If you presentation is just text, your audience will most likely get bored. Add pictures that relate to your topic, and try to pick ones that are unusual and that not everyone has seen often. You will want to have at least one picture per page for your presentation in order to keep your audience’s attention.

3. Research. Always do your research, and make sure your information is 100% correct before you put it on your PowerPoint page. If you are giving false information in a class presentation, your grade will be marked down. If you give false information in a business meeting you will most likely get in trouble or even fired. (This depends on your employer and their rules and policies.)

4. Do one page at a time. Don’t try to plan out every page of the presentation at once, but do one page at a time. Spend time on each page making it the best you possibly can.

5. Use lots of color. Change the background color to a color that is easy on the eyes; don’t use a color that people will have a hard time reading. The background color should be something other than white. You can leave the text color black, or change it to another dark color. Remember to keep it appropriate to what you are doing. If you are giving a business presentation, you probably won’t want to use colors like bright pink or other neon colors.

6. Follow all guides and stipulations. If your teacher or boss wants the presentation a certain length, you will want to follow that. Generally you will want your presentation to have around ten slides. Sometimes your presentation will need to be shorter or longer. Keep in mind what your presentation is about and gauge the length from there. For example, if your subject had a particularly long life full of events, your presentation will be a little long.

7. Don’t pack each slide with a lot of text. Your slides should be easy to read with only a few paragraphs. If your slide is covered with text, your audience will probably get bored and stop reading it.

PowerPoint presentations are very fun to create and allow you to use your creativity while doing something for a grade, or a business. By following the above steps, you will have a PowerPoint presentation that is sure to please.


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