How to Give a Software Demo?


Authored by Josh Enojo in Computer Software
Published on 07-02-2009

Software development is in itself a complex process. However, the work on your software does not stop there. With lots of software coming out in the market, you should be able to set yourself apart from all the others. A good demo for your software would make a huge difference in distinguishing yourself from the competition. There are important factors to be considered and steps to take in order to give an effective software demo.

The following are helpful tips to consider in giving a software demo:

As with any innovation, it has to be presented as a solution to an existing problem. So for a software demo, this should be the focal point. The software has to meet a certain need/s and this need should be current and applicable to your audience and target market. Its overall usefulness should be emphasized and showcased.

Know your target audience. This is imperative in setting the stage for your presentation. You have to know who you’ll be talking to and must be able to hold their interest while you introduce and demonstrate the software. You have to pay attention to details like choosing the appropriate venue and setting the right atmosphere. Having a big demo screen would also be an advantage.

Be ready! Know the product. You have to be on top of everything. A nice presentation is a big plus, but that would be wasted if you don’t know your product well. This is the reason why your audience is there – to check and know your software. With this, you also have to be aware of the problems or bugs in your product, and be able to be honest but very clever in presenting it.

In making your pitch for the software demo, don’t be too technical. Give as much information as you can but be entertaining. Since this is a demo, you have to give a visual performance. It should be one that the audience would be excited about and one that they’ll be able to remember. The audience should be able stay with you for the duration of the demo and be able to hang on your every word as much as possible.

During the presentation, do not cram every detail into one part. Make sure that there is a build-up to the end of the demo. Avoid taking questions before the presentation ends. After that, be ready to answer any questions or confusions. Be confident, or at the very least, act confident. This can also infuse belief of your product to your audience. How you carry yourself matters, whether you like it or not.

When things don’t go as expected, it’s time to implement the back-up plans. This should be part of the preparations, Plan B’s and Plan C’s should be ready to be implemented once things don’t run smoothly.

Software demos are critical in giving your software a fighting chance in the market, so this has to be given priority as much as anything else.


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