How to Go Green Commuting to Work

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Environment
Published on 04-06-2009

It’s our earth and we need to do all we can to preserve it. Many of us try to do a lot around the house such as recycle or purchase products that are environmentally friendly and at the supermarket we may choose paper over plastic to help our home stay green. Often at times we will find ourselves picking up someone else’s trash to do our part, but the one area many of us don’t think of is our commute to work. With all the cars on the road these days emitting different pollutants one of our best ways to help the earth may be finding different means to commute to work. There are many different ways one can get to work and still aid helping the environment.

One way to go about a more effective commute is to make a friend. Yes, carpooling with a friend who works near by your job or even a co-worker is a great way to cut down on pollutants given off by cars. There are two other factors to keep in mind when carpooling with a friend. One is that you will save money as; you and your partner can chip in on gas. Also car pooling will make your commute go a bit faster having a buddy to speak with or allow you to take a brief snooze, especially when stuck in traffic.

Looking to shed a few pounds? Then perhaps you should leave the car at home and walk to the office. Now that the nicer weather is approaching a nice walk to work can be relaxing and helpful at the same time. If your job is a bit too far for you to walk or walking just is not your thing, then maybe you should try biking to work. Either way walking or biking will save you money, burn calories and help the earth, not to mention release some stress the job may bring.

Well, as technology has been moving at rapid speed over the past few years the vehicles on the road have been changing too. Many cars that are coming on to the market are becoming more environmentally friendly. Hybrids are the latest phase in cars. Hybrids run on a mix of gas and electricity. The amounts of carbon monoxide being put into the air these days is ridiculous, it almost ads up to 10,000 pounds a year. Many people blame the big trucks and buses on the road, but the passenger car is just as harmful, so looking into the new breed of cars may not be a bad idea.

So, inclosing while we all want to help save our precious earth there are other benefits to finding an alternative to driving to work, such as saving money and getting trim. If everyone takes small steps to help the place that gives us a home without asking for much in return, we can keep it around.


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