How to Grow Long and Shiny Hair

The road to finding out how to grow long and shiny hair can often be paved with half truths and strange methods professed to be miracles. Washing your hair with horse shampoo, going to sleep with your hair braided tightly that you can hardly blink and applying putrid, sticky concoctions to your hair are just a few techniques people have used to grow their hair.

Healthy, thick and glistening hair is the result of a healthy lifestyle. What you consume will have a direct impact on your outward appearance. Here are a few basics on how you can achieve long, healthy hair.


Hair contains 91 percent of protein. Therefore, a protein-rich diet is an important factor when seeking beautiful, healthy, lustrous hair. Fill your diet with nuts, seeds, fish, legumes, poultry and eggs. These foods contain plenty of natural oils which are beneficial to healthy hair growth. Fruits and green vegetables contain additional vitamins and minerals which play a vital role in growing thick and glistening locks. Avoid foods with high sugar and fat content. Not only do these foods fill you up with very little nutritional content, but in some cases they break down and block protein, vitamins and minerals from entering your system.


Stress can hamper your efforts in growing long, shiny hair. It is responsible for a lower metabolic rate, since all functions in your body, including hair growth, slow down. In many cases, stress is responsible for hair loss which can often be very severe. Avoid stressful situations. Relax. Do breathing exercises. Exercise to get rid of tension in your muscles. Make time for yourself and engage in activities you enjoy.


Set a hygiene regime, not only for your hair and scalp, but for your overall well being. Wash your bedding and couch covers often. This will help prevent scalp infections. It is important to replace your pillows from time to time, as they get infested with mites and dirt. Clean your hairbrushes. Wash them with disinfectant or place them in boiling water for a few minutes.

Product Use

With so many products available with your ideal head of hair on the label, it can be very tempting to buy and try any and every thing. Before purchasing products, read labels and review ingredients. Too many chemicals applied to your hair and scalp will have an adverse effect. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Rinse very well as any residue buildup can cause scalp diseases. Burt’s Bees offers a range of natural shampoos and conditioners. Natural oils such as flax seed oil, coconut oil and avocado oil are highly recommended for maintaining long, shiny hair.

The most important factor concerning growing vibrantly beautiful hair is patience. Your hair will grow. It is not an overnight process. Getting frustrated when you don’t see immediate results can drive you to cut your hair into a new style. Keep the scissors away, unless you are trimming split or dead ends.


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