How to Grow Taller and Gain Weight

Nearly everyone has a physical characteristic which they would like to change. If you are an adult who would like to be both taller and heavier, you are probably in the minority. However, this does not mean that you cannot reach your goal. There are ways for you to add some height and weight.

The adult who wishes to grow taller needs to keep his expectations reasonable. Not only does this mean not wasting money on methods which will not work, but also not attempting methods which could actually endanger your health. One example is Human Growth Hormones. While they may or may not produce a little extra height, they have not been proven to be safe. The long-term effects of Human Growth Hormone have not been adequately studied, but they have already shown the potential for side-effects during use. You should avoid products like this for the sake of your health.

Reasonable expectations and safe methods are the best combination. In fact, there are two methods which together can provide a moderate amount of results. First, exercises which strengthen and cause the body to become more limber can be useful. They can greatly increase your body’s strength and your posture. The stronger and straighter your body is, the taller you will appear to be. Second, some forms of natural supplements can aid in growth. You can ask your doctor about the specific combinations which can be beneficial. Although reasonable expectations means that you should not hope for a large height increase, these two methods together do have the potential of moderately increasing your height.

These days, many adults want to lose weight. If you are on the other side of the issue, and want to add a few pounds, gaining weight does not need to be any more difficult than weight loss. If you are in reasonably good health to begin with, gaining weight can also make you feel better and look better.

Similar to weight loss, gaining weight should be a gradual process. Mapping out a diet plan is a good way to start. You can begin by assessing the amount of calories which you have been consuming on a regular basis. After you know what you are working with, you can significantly increase the amount of calories you consume each day. Whenever possible, these extra calories should be in the form of nutritious foods and snacks, rather than “empty” calories from junk food.

A good exercise regimen is another important part of gaining weight. While you may associate exercise with weight loss, there is a reason why it is essential for weight gain. An exercise program, when adhered to consistently, will increase your muscle mass. Even if you are starting with very little fat on your body, turning the existing fat into muscle will help with your weight-gain plan.

An extra inch or two of height, and gaining some weight, are not impossible goals. Keeping your health in mind, and learning to appreciate yourself as you are, will give you even more benefits.


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