How To Handle Job Interviews After Being Fired

Trying to find a job in today’s job market is a difficult proposition. The recession that our country is now facing has made it difficult to find a job in the best of circumstances. Given the turbulent times, how difficult must it be for someone who is fired? In particular, how do you handle a job interview after being fired from your previous job?

Being fired from your job is one of the most stressful situations that a person can go through. Stepping into a job interview directly after being fired is even more intimidating. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to minimize the damage that being fired creates.

The first thing that you should remember when interviewing for a new job after being fired is that it is not unchartered territory. Millions of people have been in the very position that you are currently in, and there is a good chance that the person doing your interview has been there too. The stigma of being fired is only as bad as your attitude about it.

If you were fired from your job because of a mistake you made, then the best policy is to acknowledge the mistake in the interview. In doing this, it shows that you are a person who takes responsibility for their mistakes. This shows the ability to learn and adapt, even when things are not going your way. It is also important to state what you learned from the situation, and how you will prevent repeating it in the future.

If you were fired from your job for a reason that you considered unfair, it is questionable as to whether you should state that in your interview. The last thing a job interview should be about is excuses, regardless of how valid they may be. It is fine to briefly explain what happened, but do not dwell on it. Try to find the mutual benefits, and focus upon those.

It is very important that you focus on what you have to offer the company that you are interviewing for instead of what has happened in the past. A positive attitude will take you much farther than an interview full of excuses. People make mistakes every single day, and most people are willing to give a second chance.

Occasionally in a job interview they will ask for details about the firing. In this situation it is vital that you stick to the facts, and give them the opportunity to ask questions. Do not elaborate on the situation unless they ask you directly. Sometimes it is what you do not say that will get you the job, rather than what you do say.

There are times that you will get an interviewer that simply cannot see past your being fired. In this situation you are better off not getting the job anyway. You do not want to work for a company that is not willing to give you a second chance that you are looking for. No one can move past a problem until they put it in the past. You have to simply learn your lessons and move on. The only way that you can do this is if the company you are with is willing to support that.

While handling a job interview after being fired is difficult, it is far from impossible. Keep your integrity and character intact, and hold your head high. This will be a very attractive approach to a potential employer, in a very difficult situation.


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