How to Have a Baby Boy


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Pregnancy
Published on 01-22-2009

While there is no 100% method for conceiving a baby boy, there are medical approaches and natural tips for trying to increase your chances of having a baby boy. Some methods can be used at home and others will involve extensive medical intervention.

If you want to try some natural ways to increase the chance that you will conceive a boy, you can put some time honored approaches to the test. Some people believe that if you have a diet that is high in potassium and sodium that for a few weeks or couple months before conceiving a baby, that you will have a baby boy. Eating a diet that is higher in calories than most women eat is also considered a possible way to conceive a boy. It is quite possible that it takes more calories and nutrients for the body to create a boy.

Male sperm survives for less time than female sperm after it starts it journey to fertilize an egg. For this reason, many people try to time baby making for the expected day of ovulation or as soon before this time as possible. In fact, there is an entire method based upon this theory entitled the Dr. Shettles’ method. You can learn exactly how to use this method by visiting http://www.ovulation-calculator.com/shettlesmethod.htm.

On the opposite side of the coin of Dr. Shettles’ method, Dr. Whelan believes a woman should make love with her spouse a few days (4 or even 6) before the day she thinks she will ovulate in order to conceive a boy. She theorizes the woman’s chemical composition in her body during that phase of her cycle will be conducive to having a baby boy. This probably seems to you (like most women) to be too many days before ovulation to possibly result in conception.

You can try the Chinese birth calendar if you want to try to conceive one gender rather than the other. This chart provides predictions as to whether a couple will have a boy or girl depending on the lunar month that conception takes place as well as the lunar age of a woman. You can view the chart here: http://www.webwomb.com/chinesechart.htm

Medical intervention can also be used in order to attempt to have a baby boy rather than a baby girl. Technology has advanced to the point that sperm can be medically identified and separated according to gender. Trying this method will mean a woman cannot conceive a baby the natural way since the sperm will then need to be implanted via in vetro or intrauterine fertilization. As you can imagine using this approach is controversial.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is a highly controversial way that you could almost guarantee the gender of your baby. An embryo from in vetro fertilization can be tested to determine the sex of the embryo. This medical method of testing embryo’s was designed as a way to test for chromosomal abnormalities and other genetic problems before implanting an embryo.

Most people will be happy whether they have a boy or a girl but it certainly can be fun to use some of the Wive’s Tales to try to have a little boy.


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