How to Have a Green Wedding


Authored by Ted Goodman in Environment, Wedding
Published on 11-28-2008

New brides are jumping on the environmental bandwagon by making sure that they have Green weddings. Luckily, going Green is a sliding scale so you can pick and choose how Green you would like your wedding to be.

A Green wedding can be very tasteful and you would be surprised how many stylish options that the new bride has to choose from.

Scheduling your wedding and reception in the daytime is one of the easiest ways to have a Greener wedding. Daytime weddings cut down on the need for lights which create a carbon footprint during the creation of the electricity.

Consider having the wedding and reception in the same location. This will cut down on the fuel that the wedding attendants use. If you are very interested in being environmentally conscious, you can have a big effect on your wedding day by having some control over the fossil fuels being used.

Use locally grown flowers for your table center pieces and other decorations. Not only will they be fresher, but you will help your local economy and create less of a carbon footprint than flowers shipped from overseas.

Create edible centerpieces of fruits and nuts. There is also a wide variety of edible flowers, but be sure to research well and only use flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticide. Creating edible gifts and centerpieces can have a very positive effect on the environment because most of these things are thrown away when the wedding is over. Edibles can be eaten or later thrown into the compost pile rather than the landfill.

There are many invitation styles that are available on recycled paper. Tell your wedding planner or invitation retailer that you only want to see options that are recycled and/or recyclable. If you decide to get recyclable wedding invitations, you can collect them at the wedding, ensuring that they end up at a recycling center.

You have the option to go completely Green in regards to your wedding invitations. MyWedding.com offers a non-paper wedding invitation service that allows you to accept RSVPs for your wedding.

Using environmentally fabrics is another popular way that brides are taking action to help protect the environment. Silk, bamboo, organic cotton and hemp are all available to create your style of dress while still making a Green statement.

Of course, using a vintage wedding dress is a great way to Green up your wedding. Many brides are saving money and being environmentally friendly by using their grandmother’s wedding dress. The skip in generations seem to be just right for the popularity of the vintage styles.

Continue to go green by planning your honeymoon with eco-friendly travel agencies. They will steer you towards hotels and business that are friendly to the environment.

There are many ways that you can have a beautiful and stylish wedding while concentrating on being environmentally friendly. Be sure that those who are helping you plan your wedding, know that the environment is something that should be thought about as they come up with suggestions for your special day.


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