How to have Oscar Fashion on a Tiny Budget


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Oscar Night is perhaps the most glamorous night in Hollywood. All the celebrities dress up in their best outfits for the most prestigious awards show of all. Oscar Night fashion is so popular that the TV stations that broadcast this prelude often get more viewers than the Oscar show itself!

Celebrities go through hours of preparation in order to look that good. They employ hair and make-up teams for that special night, and pick out dresses sometimes months in advance. Of course, in their case they sometimes have designers throwing dresses worth thousands of dollars at them. Oscar Night can make or break a designer’s career if they have the right celebrity wearing their line.

In reality though, most of us are not celebrities. We also don’t have thousands of dollars to spend in preparation for one evening out, although we all have nights where we want to look like we did. How can we manage to look this good without all the designers at our throats to wear their gowns? It’s quite simple. You just have to know what you want, and plan accordingly.

For starters, pick the style. Luckily for us that live on a realistic budget, any glamorous Oscar Night couture worn by celebrities will undoubtedly get copied by a more affordable dress-maker. Shoes and jewelry will also undoubtedly be copied if you are interested in having the exact red carpet look of your favorite fashionista.

Another option is to commission a seamstress to make your favorite red carpet Oscar Night style. This allows you to buy the fabric of your liking and the dress will fit like a glove. Just like it did the celebrity whose style you previously admired. There are also liberties you can take as to the color to make sure it matches your favorite shoes better! This option can cost even less than buying the copy in the store. Also, if you choose to make it in a shade which matches shoes and accessories you might already own, you’ll save there, too.

However, Oscar Night glamour is not only the dress. The hair and make-up play a rather large part, hence why it takes hours for professionals to spiffy up the celebs. To look like a celebrity on Oscar Night without dropping a year’s salary on a hair and make-up team, practice these until you excel. Try on the dress, the accessories, and try out as many make-up combinations you can come up with. Don’t leave it for the same day. Do something you don’t usually do. Try a dramatic approach, then a subtler one. Take photos and decide which one looks best for the night you are planning to look your absolute best.

The same practice method applies for your hair. Keep in mind that the trick to look like a celebrity is to find what works best while taking into consideration your dress and accessories. They have professionals for this, but you can do it yourself on your budget! Practice all the styles until you find one you can pull off skillfully to make sure you have that perfect Oscar Night worthy look.


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