How to Hide Your Fat

The pounds on the scale might be more than you should or want to weigh. You will not lose weight overnight. Start making healthy changes in your lifestyle to begin safely losing weight. In the meantime, make smart fashion choices to help hide your fat. Look good at any size.

Wearing more than one layer when you dress can help to conceal your excess pounds. Just make sure you do not wear big bulky clothes when making layers. Wear a jacket on top of a flattering blouse for example. Do not pile a boxy old sweater on top of a turtle neck or t-shirt. You can even purchase shirts that offer the layered look.

Do not wear turtlenecks and other shirts with a high neck. They add no depth to your appearance. Try to purchase shirts with v-necks or shirts with rounded necklines. This style shirt will take attention away from a bulky midline.

Use the traditional dark colors for a fast slimming effect. Of course, black is most often used to make a man or women appear to have long rather than chubby legs. It is not necessary to only wear black if you want to wear colors that make you look thin. Mix up your wardrobe with navy, gray and olive colors.

Believe it or not boot cut pants that are wider at the ankle can make you look thinner. These style pants are longer than some others which again will make others perceive you as being taller. Anytime you look taller, you will appear to be slimmer.

Wear pants with thin or moderate sized vertical stripes. Striped pants provide another way to make your legs appear longer which will in turn make you appear taller and less overweight. You might be tempted to purchase pants with tapered legs, believing they will make you look thinner. Wrong! Tapered legs can actually make you appear shorter and more round.

Try to look slimmer by wearing a single color for both your pants and shirt. You can wear the same exact color or different shades of a single color. This might sound like a boring outfit but it will make you look several pounds thinner.

If you are wearing a dress or skirt, make sure it is one that falls slightly below your knee. Never wear a skirt that falls above your knee line, especially if you are a little larger in your legs.

Never try to cover up your extra pounds with clothes several sizes too big. This will make you look worse. Toss out those baggy pants, sweatshirts sand t-shirts. They are not stylish on anyone. They will never help you to look thin. Of course, you do not want to wear clothes that are too small or too tight.

Do not wear short coats and jackets if you are overweight. Short coats can draw attention to the areas of extra pounds. Find styles that end a couple inches past your waist. Wearing dark colors in your jackets and coats will also help to make you appear thinner.


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