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How To Hire a Ghost Writer To Write Articles For Your Company Website Or Blog

  • By Scott Riefler
  • Published 06/4/2008
  • Article Writing

Have you never needed an article and had writers block? You get stuck and just can’t seem to get your thoughts down on paper. Getting writers block happens to the best writers and if you’re in business and need extra content for your website or blog, hiring a ghost writer may be just the answer for you. Hiring a writer for your company articles makes good since if you’re too busy to write them yourself. Many small companies the owner if the chief cook and bottle washer. To save money, you have to wear many hats to try to save money for your growing startup company. When a company becomes more established, the owner may find he just doesn’t have the time to sit down at his computer and take the time to crank out an article a few times a week. When you get to that point it in business it makes good sense to look to hire a good ghost writer to write articles for your company. Hiring a ghost writer to write articles for your company isn’t very hard to do. Many article directories offer this service. If your business is very specialized, you may be more challenged to find someone who can intelligently write good fresh content for your website. In a case like this you may choose to try to use a service that specializes at doing this kind of service.

When hiring an article writer one thing good to look for is someone who has a lot of varied experience in many different fields. If you trying to write about car sales, look for a writer that has sales experience in closely related fields. Sometimes too good of

a writer may alienate the customers audience if his vocabulary doesn’t match that of the reader. You may have to weed through several writers until you find someone who matches the style and experience of the company web owner. Reading samples of past articles the author has written on varied subjects is a prerequisite to hiring a good writer for your company. Take your time by doing your research when you are looking for a potential candidate author for your blogs, newsletter or articles. See how closely some of the articles match what you want to hire them to write about. You can use messaging services like MSN messenger to chat with your author if they reside in a different country then your own. Hiring oversea writers from countries like Thailand and India can save you money and you can get quality writers without the overhead involved with the cost of living of that in the west. Many overseas companies have people you can hire for as little as $5 dollars an hour. Skilled content writers may be hundreds less per job then what writers in the west may charge. You want to make sure to check their work to make sure your getting quality at a fair price.

In summary, hiring a ghost writer may be the answer to carry out your message to your customers when the owner is too busy with other facets with running the business. Hiring a good writer isn’t hard if you take the time to research your writers past articles and writing work and make sure their style fits that of your own. Hiring oversea ghost writers can save you a lot of money if you’re lucky enough to find a highly skilled writer who can match your style.



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