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How to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 07/22/2010
  • Writing for the Web

In this day and age when a lot of people want to be successful in their online businesses, perhaps only one thing remains constant. That copy still rules the web. Content is king, as the old saying goes, is still ringing true today. However, many people are also disregarding the importance of good copy and that they are writing their web copy or sales letters all by themselves, even if they are lacking the right copywriting skills to do the job. There are two major ways to fix this, one is to improve your writing capabilities and two, to hire a professional copywriter. Let’s talk about these options one by one. The first one, improving your copywriting skills, can be both inexpensive and expensive. How is it so? It may not cost you much money to be a better web writer if all that you will do is to download and read free ebooks and tutorials on web copywriting. You may also read various websites and blogs that are dedicated to writing good copy for the web.The only drawback that you can imagine from this method of learning is that it is not organized. All of the information that you are getting are not designed to work together cohesively like how a complete writing course could be.

Now if you are willing to pay, there are various writing courses that you can buy or enroll to, some are requiring monthly subscriptions. These were created by successful copywriters who have effectively written for many websites of different niches. You can get a cours

e for direct copy, advertising copy, search engine optimization or SEO writing, and other writing courses designed for the web. How much are these courses usually worth? Some can go from a few hundreds of dollars or up to two thousand dollars and more. The great thing about this is that you can study on your own time and everything included in the lesson plan was properly organized and designed to help you learn step by step. There are also other ways for you to improve your copywriting skills. Another is by following a template and adjusting your writing based on it. If you can get a template from a popular copywriter, legally of course, you can easily adjust any writing needs to match that template. This is an effective approach when you are writing your own sales letter. However, the truth remains that not all of us are writers. Some maybe decent writers but if you are aiming to earn big dollars from your website, you cannot succeed using just a good copy. What you need is great copy all the way. And if you acknowledge that you are not the right person to write your web copy, then the best option for you is to hire a professional copywriter. Often, the more experienced a copywriter is, the higher is his or her writing rates. Do not skimp on outsourcing your writing because the quality of the copy can make all the difference in the world.

So again, if you want to improve your copywriting skills, there are free and paid options for you. But also you should be humble enough to realize for yourself if you need someone else to do the writing part for you.



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