How to Improve Your Singing Voice

Singing is often said to be an innate talent that everyone is born with. Singing well on the other hand, is a skill that people have to learn. The voice is like the body’s personal instrument and like instruments, in order to have the proper singing voice the voice would have to be fine tuned to carry a note effortlessly. There are many ways to acquire a good singing voice, but there are only a few ways to help improve the singing voice someone already possesses. Here are steps you can follow to help improve your singing voice.

Become a student to singing

In order to understand how to improve your voice you have to make a decision to become a student to the craft. Though you will be able to acquire some knowledge just by skimming through a few pages in a singer’s manual or a handful of articles over the internet, you would be short changing yourself of the wealth of knowledge that is made available for curious singers like yourself.

Something as simple as reading the biographies of some of the industry’s top singers would serve as self-teachings for you. Their stories provide immense information on the steps they took to help in achieving successful singing voices. Purchasing an affordable instrument to help with your vocal practices would also help you in the long run. Instruments such as an electric piano or guitar can assist you in fine tuning your voice allowing you to assimilate your vocal tone to an actual strummed chord.

Hire a vocal coach

The beauty of vocal coaches is the fact that they eliminate the time it would take to find out what you are doing right and wrong simply by teaching you the fundamentals of singing. It is important to invest in a teacher who specializes in vocal training because they are able to create lessons that mold to your style and sound permitting you to bring out the full potential of your singing voice.

Most singers are not well versed in singing properly; in the end, they tend to strain their voices at times causing long term negative effects to their vocal chords. A vocal coach’s job is to show you – the student – how to sing beautifully without having to pay for vocal damage later.

Learn breath control

Learning breath control is the secret weapon in improving your singing voice. The key to carrying out a note successfully lies in you tightening your stomach muscles, opening your throat (as if you were about to yawn) and supporting your breath with your diaphragm – the muscle underneath your lungs that inflates. Singing from the diaphragm using strong breath takes pressure off of your vocal chords and gives adequate support for singing.

To help build up stomach and lower abdominal muscles to aid in singing, performing daily sit-ups and abdominal crunches would be ideal to help build up strength in this area as well as increase vocal range.

Set aside a few minutes a day to practice singing

In addition to investing in a vocal coach, it is important to take on the responsibility of practicing daily to take the lessons that your vocal coach taught you out for a test drive. Whether you are singing cover songs from your favorite artists or your very own written lyrics, practicing everyday for at least 15 minutes can help evolve and perfect your voice.

The famous adage “practice makes perfect” serves to be more than three little words when it comes to vocal practicing.

Incorporate a healthy vocal diet

Stocking up your cabinet with an assortment of teas and herbal extracts and taking them periodically can help you maintain healthy vocal chords after extensive practice. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day is also beneficial in keeping your vocal chords lubricated and most importantly to help upkeep the overall health of your body.

Though practice is important to help improve your singing, make sure to take some time out to relax your voice as well. Over working your voice can be very strenuous to your vocals causing issues like hoarse throat or the lost of voice. Rest and relaxation is very important in maintaining and improving your voice after strenuous vocal activities.

With the proper vocal practices, maintenance and care given to your voice, overtime you will witness the improvement of your singing voice allowing you to share your hard work with the world confidently.


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