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How To Increase Trafic On Your Website?

  • By Michael Hehn
  • Published 03/12/2009
  • Article Writing

Websites need visitors and probably the easiest (and cheapest) methods of achieving this are with article marketing. The whole aim of the article is for people interested in it to follow the link; you have placed at the foot of the page, to the website of your choice. Article body: The greatest benefit of article marketing is that is an absolutely free method anyone can use to get free traffic to their site. You can place these articles i.e. blocs, directories, social networking sites etc. which will help visitors who read your article find your website by using back links. Popular sites are the best because it should give your article a great deal of exposure; it doesn’t take to long before the visitors begin to arrive at your site. This is the benefit of using popular sites that have authority and providing they accept your contribution it will help you as well, You will become a trusted’ person which means a great deal in the virtual world. Article marketing carried out this way (i.e. more than once) will get people to look upon you as an author whose work they will seek out because the content is good. This method of article marketing needs to be done almost every day if you want your name to be associated as an expert so people look for your work. If you do not get this trust from people about the quality of your work, they will not visit your site. In time your website’s ranking with Google and other search engines will increase from the number of incoming links you have, As your ranking grows, there will be even more visitors to your site. The simple fact is that the more websites that provide an internal link to your own, the better your ranking will become, this is of course completely free advertising and can be done over and over again. One of the major benefits of article marketing is the links that can be contained within not just the text body but also the box at the bottom of the page. When your articles are good, they get spread around the internet and of course each version will have links back to your own so the more links you have, the more your ranking will grow. It is not unusual for Google and other search engines to take months before they start to list a website. The process can be speeded up a little if the sites where the articles are submitted are popular and you continue to write and submit articles. The content on your website is what brings the search engines and hence visitors so therefore part of your article marketing campaign should be to continually add fresh content to your website. Bear in mind that when people visit your site, they are unlikely to want your product without learning more about it. People searching for details about a product or service will not mind the sales side providing the information is interesting. Once you have them on your site you can show them the benefits of what you are promoting. This a little like taking them by the hand so they know what they are buying and most importantly, why. By doing this you are securing any order you make and will receive less refund requests.

Article marketing this way will ensure you will always get new visitors and retain existing ones; this does require you to understand that all of this cannot be achieved with just one article. It is not just articles that you write that will be on other websites but if your site is good, you will receive links from other websites also, don not forget, your article will contain information that people are searching for. There are no charges to article marketing and is still the number one way to get traffic to your site, All you have to do is ensure your content is on topic’ and unique to have constant visitors.



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