How to Install a Salt Water Pool


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Home Improvement
Published on 01-01-2009

Saltwater pools are quite popular today. More people are looking for such pools. Have you tried swimming in one? If you haven’t, you should. It’s the next best thing that comes close to the sea. If you are thinking about having one installed and are looking on how to work on the details, here are few ideas you might want to consider and include in your plan.

Learn more about saltwater pools

Today more and more people prefer saltwater pools than traditional pools for health reasons. Although saltwater pools are salty they are not as salty as the sea however they do use less chlorine than a regular pool. This means less chlorine contact, irritation and consumption. This is the main reason why people are looking to use saltwater pools than the traditional pools.

Keep track on cost

Saltwater pools are more expensive than traditional pools to install. You need to invest on a chlorine generator that is specifically made for saltwater pools. You need to also learn the salt to water ratio for your pool. And of course water and electric consumptions are also a concern. Begin by calculating the volume of your pool, the bigger your pool the more expensive it gets. However no matter how expensive it gets, your saltwater pool will save you money on the long run because you will use lesser chemicals on it.

Inquire about zoning

Contact your city clerk’s office. Ask about proper zoning procedures regarding pools. Some neighborhoods don’t readily allow such constructions while some neighborhoods already have public pools available for everybody. Because of such, you may also need to ask permission from your neighborhood board if installing swimming pools are permitted.

Talk with a contractor

Look and hire a contractor who specializes on constructing swimming pools. Contractors like these can easily suggest plans on how to start and build a pool with space you have. They can recommend the right materials to use as well as the suppliers to get them from.

Scout for a chlorine generator

If you haven’t asked your contractor, try searching the internet. There are several branded types of chlorine generators which come in different sizes and prices depending on the size of the pool to be constructed. Try visiting swimming pool stores near your area and try inquiring about pricing, warranty, shipping, as well as installment.

Wire your pool

Seek assistance to synchronize the dials for you pool. This way everything goes on and off at the same time making it easier for you to manage your pool’s system. Now you don’t have to keep on checking the valves and timer.

Maintenance of salt pools

Develop a maintenance plan how you will maintain the integrity of your pool. Develop a calendar schedule. Choose to set dates when to drain your pool, either yearly or semi-annually. The insides of your pool needs scrubbing maintenance so you may need to hire help if you don’t have time to do it yourself. Allocate a budget for filters because you do have to change them. Read the maintenance manual for your chlorine generator. Follow the maintenance procedures.


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