How to Keep Cats out of Your Garden


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Gardening
Published on 12-01-2009

Why would you want to keep cats out of your garden? Cats love gardens. There is plenty of dirt to dig in, leaves to roll around in and lots of yummy greenery to chew on. Problem is that cats can eat all your yummy herbs, pull up other plants and turn your garden into their own personal litter box. So, how do you keep cats out of your garden?

Catnip Strategies

How will catnip keep cats out of my garden? Cats love catnip. All the cats in the neighborhood will be in my garden if I plant catnip. That’s very true. The strategy lies in where you plant the catnip. Planting a bed of catnip away from but close to the home and garden is a diversionary tactic. Why should cats go in your garden when they have a lovely bed of catnip to roll around in?

Motion Sensor Sprinkler

Keep cats out of your garden with a motion sensor sprinkler. We all know how much cats dislike water. Set up a motion sensor sprinkler in your garden to keep cats away. It’s a very simple concept. Cat enters garden, sprinkler turns on, cat gets a soaking. After a few bad experiences with the phantom sprinkler, cats will keep out of your garden.

Tea Leaves

Cats are not particularly fond of tea leaves. Use regular garden variety tea to keep cats out of your garden. Sprinkle the leaves liberally around the garden. You can also brew up some tea and use it for watering. Plants love tea. It makes an excellent fertilizer and keeps cats out of your garden. Best of all, you can sip the rest while gardening.


Make it difficult for cats to dig in the garden by scattering small rocks around your plants. This trick may not keep cats out of your garden, but it will keep them from digging up your plants. Avoid using pea gravel. This just turns your garden into a giant litter box. Stick to small flat stones and larger stepping stones to keep cats out of your garden.


Keep cats out of your garden by planting something they don’t like as a border. Lavender is a wonderful cat deterrent. You can also scatter other cat repellent plants throughout the garden. Try geraniums, mustard, lemon thyme and rue. You can also plant plenty of onions, peppers and garlic as methods to keep cats out of the garden.

Natural Repellent

In addition to planting certain things to keep cats out of the garden, try using natural repellents. Make diluted sprays using any of the items listed above, steeped in water. You will have to continually spray to get good results. The spray will need to be applied once a week and after rain to keep cats out of the garden. Experiment with different solutions for all natural cat repellent.


Different types of fencing can be used to keep cats out of the garden. Small mesh fencing that encloses the entire garden keeps out birds, rabbits and other critters as well. Simply frame out the garden with fence post and install a screened door. Cover the top and sides with chicken wire to keep out cats, birds, squirrels and other small animals.

Keeping cats out of the garden requires some effort but is well worth the time and trouble. Try luring them away with strategically placed catnip. Install a motion sensitive sprinkler. Use flat rocks to discourage digging. Plant things they don’t like or make natural spray repellents. Build an enclosed fence. All these methods will keep cats out of the garden without the use of harmful chemicals.


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