How To Keep Flowers Fresh


Authored by Sama Fazal in Gardening 
Published on 05-24-2009

Flowers have the ability to make a room bright and cheerful. They are the focal piece of every room where they exist and they can be a nice and colorful addition in every single space. Having cut flowers in your house is wonderful, but how can you keep them fresh and make them live longer? If you want to keep flowers fresh, you just have to follow a few simple but very effective instructions and tips.

When you cut flowers from your garden, make sure that you do it in the morning or late in the evening. You can water them before cutting them to keep the stem fresh and filled with water. Some of the flowers we tend to grow in our yards and gardens, such as tulips or lilacs should be cut while their buds are still closed or semi closed. This ensures a longer life in our vases. Cutting the stems on the slant is also something that ensures a better absorption of water and can increase their longevity. Once you cut flowers you should put them in vases and water right away, because if the stem dries, it’s hard to keep the flower alive for long.

Unfortunately we do not always have the chance to grow our own flowers, therefore we cannot follow these simple rules in harvesting. The vast majority of people buy fresh cut flowers from shops or open markets, thus, some other techniques should be used. Here is what you can do if you have fresh cut flowers in your house.

Did you know that simple medicines or materials can be excellent alternatives to chemicals and other flower foods? Copper for instance, is a great fungicide. It can help to avoid formation of yeast or fungus in the water. It does what chemicals do, but in a more natural way. Same with aspirin; aspirin contains a good acid which can help you kill the growing bacteria. Of course what you aim for is to prevent overgrowth, thus aspirin performs this role easily and effectively.

Some other homemade tricks, include the use of simple and common kitchen materials. You can add three tablespoons of lemon or white vinegar to a little water in order to kill the bacteria and fungi that grow in water. Both lemon and vinegar are acidic and can also help prevent overgrowth of bacteria.

A few additional ways to keep your flowers fresh include the use of cold water. Putting flowers in water from the fridge can help them remain fresh for a longer time. Warm water causes dehydration even in flowers. Some experts suggest placing the flowers in the fridge for a while before placing them in a vase in a room. This can extend their lifespan, giving them at least three more days of life and freshness.

When you place cold water in the vase make sure that it doesn’t go higher than five inches on the stems. Also remember to trim the stems every two days, allowing the fresh cut part to absorb more water. Clearly, you need to change water at least once a day if you want to have fresh and fragrant flowers in your room for longer.


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