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How to keep luster of the diamond?

  • By Ronben Newbern
  • Published 06/7/2011
  • Satire

Someone who wears a dazzling diamond ring will be more graceful and elegance. That is the diamond’s magic. And we all love it.When I asked my boyfriend this question, he said, “you should wear the diamond ring in the middle finger, while the silver ring in the third finger.” I was confused, “why?” “The theory of the Relativity. The diamond ring can make the silver ring overshadowed. “He grimaced. Ha-ha! He seemed misunderstand my words but I consider it a new logical way to think about the answer.As we common people all know, diamond rings are easily polluted by dust in the air, oil, skin’s fat and woman’s cosmetics. thus how to keep its lustre makes many persons headache.the following content must worth your attention.

As the mark of holy love, diamond inlaid in the ring is very expensive, and need timely maintain(about once a month). We shall cherish them and set it in a perfect situation. Sepecilists in je

welry maintenance warn that one should take down it while cooking or doing some heavy work, and the 3 methods below could be adopted after the basic protection, or else the sheen of diamond will turn dark day by day.Clean it in the warm water. The detailed steps are: use a soft brush scrub it overall in warm water, and wipe it dry with cloth or textile.Notice: the toothbrush couldn’t be used.Clean it in the liquid solvent which is mixed with a half glass of water and the ammonia water at the same capacity. The concrete procedure is alike the above. You will find the ring regain the sheen and look like colorful and gorgeous.Make use of the ultrasonic wave cleaning machine, which may be sold at a jewelry shop. Sometimes the jewellers present it as a gift to their customers. You can check whether your sellers have the set or not.Love requires painstakingly manage and good care, so is the glorious diamond ring.  nopicture-5850976


by Ronben Newbern



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