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How to Keep Well Informed on the World of Office Supplies


I’ve recently realized that Twitter really is a great resource for finding info and meeting people related to the world of office supplies, or any other topic that you are interested in. You can find everything from other bloggers who write about the topic to people who work for some of the companies that make the products we all love, to representatives of retail stores that we buy from. Having the chance to connect with some of these people on Twitter has been very informative, so I thought I’d share a list of some folks who I think deserve a follow on Twitter from the world of office supplies.

These are all just in alphabetical order as I dont want to show any preference here, they all offer their own unique insight and information on office supplies that is worth checking out.  Below you will find links to each person(s) twitter ID, and their respective websites. 


biffybeans – owner of Spiritual Evolution of the Bean, a blog with lots of great info on notebooks, fountain pens, inks, music, writing, and art

dowdyism – owner of an absolutely fantastic pen blog, The Pen Addict, a good guy, and I think he has actually reviewed every pen known to mankind

dunkind – owner of the Good Pens Blog with lots of great pen reviews that always have some very creative photos to go along with them, all round good guy too

nrepose – owner of Unposted , another great blog on pens and notebooks

penguingirl – owner of Penguin Girl Blog where you can find info on pens and writing, and she also always has some great additional info on my posts here

penpedia – of Penpedia – the Fountain Pen Wiki, self proclaimed “best darn fountain pen wiki”

RICHARDink – of  Richard Ink Pen Blog lots of great info on fountain pens and ink on his site

speedmaster – owner of the Amateur Economist Blog covering fountain pens, but also economics, liberty, watches and more

officesupplygeek – well, yeah…shameless self plug for a pretty good site on Office Supplies


Levenger – twitter ID for Levenger , I cant say enough about how great their products are, so follow them for their messages on sales and arrivals of new items

tomoddo from Goldspot Luxury Gifts, has been incredibly helpful with fountain pen information, and their online store always has great deals

officedepot – Office Depot – if you are reading this blog, chances are you have shopped there, they frequently tweet deals and sales at their store, so it is good to keep an eye on them

pendemonium – owner of Pendemonium.com for vintage writing collectibles

PearTreePens – owner’s of the Pear Tree Pen Company


sharpiesusan – PR and Social Media at Sharpie, always helpful and full of Sharpie information

UniBall_USA – very helpful manager of the Uniball Pen line

Uniball_Pen_Gal – another employee from  Uniball Pens who provides great pen info on Twitter

I am sure that there are more people that I am missing, however that certainly does not mean that you wont find them on your own. As I said before, Twitter is full of interesting people who are willing to share lots of great info with the people on there, so I highly suggest checking these folks out on there.  If you find anyone else or know anyone else on there who you think makes sense to add to this list, leave a comment and let me know so I can add them.

UPDATE (7/8/2009): Ive added a new page which is dedicated to tracking this information so it is easy to find from my home page, and Ill continue to keep it updated with new Twitter users to follow that are focused on anything related to office supplies.

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