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How to Know Which Bread, is Healthy Bread

  • By Emily Amelia Inglis
  • Published 03/2/2012

Choosing healthy bread really shouldn’t be that hard, but for some reason it’s not a very easy thing to do. Being aware of what breads are healthy is a lot harder than it sounds, unless of course you are a bread connoisseur.

If a loaf of bread has seeds in it does that make it healthy? Not necessarily!

These days, there is so much on offer at the supermarket or the bakery that making a decision can be really tough. And what makes it even harder is that all the labels claim that the bread is super-healthy. The best way to find out for sure is to check the back of the packet.

Whole wheat bread can be a good place to start, but just because the packet says it is whole wheat, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy, look for the 100% whole wheat in the ingredients and you are to a winner. Whole wheat should be the only flour mention on the label.

If a loaf of bread is made with whole grains it means that the whole of the grain has to be in tact, all three parts, the bran, the germ and the endosperm. Without any of the three, it cannot be considered whole grain. A true whole gran will be very high in fibre, with approximately three grams per slice.

So what’s the difference between whole wheat bread and whole grain bread? Whole wheat bread often means that is made entirely with 100% wheat flour, where as the flour in whole grain means the flour used in production has not been refined at all.

So with that information you can now head down to the supermarket and make a much more educated choice of loaf. Whole grain and whole wheat are too great options if you are looking for healthy bread.

About the Author: Emily Amelia Inglis is a fan of healthy bread.



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