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How to Launch a New Business with Articles

  • By Brad McGovern
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Starting a new business requires a marketing plan. You must decide how you will advertise your site before you launch a new business. This article shows you how to launch a new business with articles to build sales and revenue from the get-go. Use Articles to Promote Your Site There’s only so much that word-of-mouth advertising can do for a new business. Tell everyone you know about the business and share the link to your website with every business acquaintance and new person you meet. Talk about your new business till you’re blue in the face. That will only go so far to help you build your business, though. A better and more effective method is to use articles to promote your site. Don’t confuse article marketing with providing quality content for your site, though. Sure, your site needs content. One way to stay on top of the search engine results pages and to get a higher ranking is to provide well researched, informative articles on your website. Providing content on your site grows your business based on people finding you in the search engines.

To reach a larger audience, however, article marketing is the way to go. Basically what you do is write an article that is directly related to your site. You won’t post it on your own site, though. Submit this article to an article distribution site. Once the article makes it through the editing process, it becomes available for websites across the net to pick up and use as content on their site

s. The benefit of distributing your article across the Internet is huge for you as a business owner. It creates a ton of back links to your site. These back links do two things. They send targeted traffic to your site and they improve your search engine ranking. This is good news and a lot of exposure for someone who is launching a new business. Using Article Marketing to Launch a New Business Article marketing is a great way to launch a new business. Draw a large number of readers and customers to your web page right from the beginning using these simple steps. Step 1. Create a website for your new business. Make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing and it is filled with informative content to draw new readers in. Step 2. Write (or hire someone to write) a search engine optimized article based on the topic of your new business. Step 3. Submit your informative article to an article distribution service. Pair your article with an effective title that draws people in. Build in a little teaser to lure readers to click on your article. Your business’ web page link appears in the author box. Step 4. Continue to add content to your website and submit articles through article distribution sites to promote your site and have a successful launch for your new business.

Now you know how to market with articles. Article marketing is a simple and effective way to get word out about your new business. It’s easy once you understand what publishers are looking for and you can tailor your articles to their needs.



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