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How to Learn Copywriting Today

  • By James Reed
  • Published 05/31/2011
  • Copywriting

Copywriting is a completely different beast as compared to other forms of writing, more particularly article writing. Because with the latter you are basically just sending out information through it while with copy writing, you are aiming to make a conversion from your reader. You could aim to make the reader subscribe to your mailing list, buy a product, or simply click on a link. Whatever your purpose may be, when you learn this type of writing today, you are opening a myriad of opportunities as well. 1. You can start with a copywriting course. A course is a great way to learn because it is like having an invisible hand helping you learn step by step until you perfect your writing craft. One such course that is worth looking into is any John Carlton copy writing course. Of course you can always try other writing courses, however, make sure that a top copywriter has created that course just to ensure on its quality. 2. Learn through an actual sales letter. There are so many things that you can get from actual sales letters and learn copywriting from these real world examples. Try to find a sales letter that really gets you interested and find the key points which you think makes it a really good sales copy. 3. Get into SEO content writing. If you are interested in writing copy for the web, then you should at least know the basics of search engine optimization or simply, SEO. Because it would be useless even if you can write the best copy if no one can find out about it through the natural way of searching online. You can start by knowing how to choose the best keywords for your writing. But before you can use such keywords, you must also know how to get them. A good course would have a section on how to research your ideal keywords. 4. Learn from a book. And by book I mean a real book made of real paper. A book is handy and you do not have to worry about running out of batteries. There are many copywriting books that you can borrow from the library or purchase one for yourself from a bookstore. 5. Read some blogs about this subject. You can always go and read a freelance copywriter blog and learn copywriting through its posts. And since it is a blog and there would be other posts there, just find the things that you think can help you with your writing projects.

These are five tips on how you can get started with your writing education. You do not have to attend a formal school just to learn about it, you simply need some time and the effort to improve your current writing skills.



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